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Where do monsoon winds blow?
Where do typhoons occur?
Asian Pacific Ocean - Hurricane of the Asian Pacific
Where do tornadoes mostly occur?
The United States
Where do hurricanes occur?
Atlantic Ocean
What sea is shrinking from irrigation?
The Aral Sea
What are 3 reasons that man builds dams?
Control flooding
For hydroelectric power
For irrigation
Name 2 dams?
Hoover Dam - Colorado River
Aswan High Dam - Nile River
Nme 3 regions that suffer from deforestation?
What is a polder?
A process of building dams & dikes to hold back water, then using windmills to pump out water to reclaim land - Netherlands
Name 4 places effected by acid rain?
Germany, Scandinavia, China, and Eastern North America
What 2 regions used agricultural terracing?
China and Southeast Asia