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What caused the Aral Sea to shrink?
irrigation lessened the flow of fresh water into the Aral Sea
What is a yurt?
A big, round, portable tent used by herders
What is the base language of Central Asia?
Turkic - many also speak Russian
What is the main religion of Central Asia?
What 5 countries make up Central Asia?
What is nationalism?
The desire of a cultural region to rule themselves as a separate nation
What 2 ethnic groups make up most of Azerbaijan?
Azerbaijanis - Islamic
Armenians - Orthodox
What is Azerbaijan's main source of wealth?
Petroleum - oil
The Turks tried to deport the entire population of what country?
Armenia - 1/3 died
What is genocide?
Intentional killing of a people
Does Georgia have warm or cold summers?
Warm - attracts tourists
The Caucasus Mountains are located between these 2 seas?
The Black Sea & Caspian Sea
Which 3 nations are in the Caucasus region?
Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan
Which of the 3 European Border Nations has the densest population?
What happened at Chernobyl?
The nuclear reacter exploded - sending a cloud of radiation into the air
What country had 1/5 of their farmland contaminated by the Chernobyl disaster?
What country produces 1/5 of the food and industrial products for Northern Eurasia?
What is the capital of Urkraine?
What are the 3 European Border Nations?
Ukraine, Belarus & Moldova
What 3 nations have a European like culture?
Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia
What 3 countries make up the Baltic States?
Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia
What are ethnic minorities?
Ethnic groups that are out numbered by members of a dominent culture
Does the Soviet Union have many natural resources?
Yes - but many are trapped under the frozen ground
What is the name of Russia's longest railroad?
Trans-Siberian Railway
How are the Russian Rivers used in the winter?
They are used as a temporary road system
What was perestroika?
Economic reforms in Russia - gradual change to private ownership
What was glasnost?
"Openess" - let Soviet citizens say what they want without fear of government persecution
What is heavy industry?
Productions of goods that are used in other industry like machines and steel
What is a command economy?
Government authority decides what goods to make, how much to charge and production goals
What is the name of the body that makes the Russian national laws?
The Supreme Soviet - headquartered in Moscow
Each Russian republic had its own governing councils called this?
A Soviet
What is the name of the permanently frozen soil?
How many time zones are in Russia?
What is the Russian word meaning "black earth"?
What are the 3 climate regions of Russia?
Tundra Climate - North
Subarctic Climate - Middle
Humid Continental Climate - South
What is the name of the name of the conferous tree region in Russia?
Taiga - "means little sticks"
What country has the largest forest region in the world?
What are the 4 types of vegetation of Russia?
Tundra - polar region
Steppe - grassland
What is the main religion of Central Asia?
What mountain range borders Tajikistan, China & Afghanistan?
The Pamirs Mountains
What mountain range is between the Black Sea & Caspain Sea?
The Caucasus Mountains
What 2 seas are in the Southern are of Eurasia?
The Black Sea & Caspian Sea
What is the Asian part of Russia called?
What mountain range divides Europe and Asia?
The Ural Mountains
What are the steppes?
Grassland plains in Central Russia
What is a czar?
Russian Emperor
What is the captial of Russia?
What is the capital of Kazakstan?
What is the capital of Uzbekistan?
What is the captial of Turkmenistan?
What is the captial of Estonia?
What is the capital of Belarus?
What is the capital of Ukraine?
What is the capital of Azerbaijan?
What is the capital of Armenia?