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____ Is a seasonal shift in the prevailing wind that influences large climate regions.(dry in winter/heavy rains in the summer).
Before gaining independence in 1947, the countries ___ and ___ were part of india.
Bangladesh and Pakistan
The ___ bring practically all the rain that falls on south asia.Lowland populations face the danger of ___ , a sudden rise in the water level of the ocean. The country , ____ can be hit hard.
Monsoons,Storm Surge,Bangladesh
East india and Bangladesh get ___ inches of rain during the monsoon , ___ feet .
450 inches , 40 feet
South Asia is almost ___ times as crowded as the U.S.
10 times
Most of South Asia is rural , only ___ % live in urbadn areas.
Only about half of the people in India understand a language called ___ . There are over ___ newspapaers in different languages. There are different regional dialects too
Hindi, 50 newspapers
The Majority of people in India practise ___ , Which is an ancient ___ religion, a belief in many gods. It has No dogma , No founder, and No hierarchy.
Hinduism , Polytheistic
____ , the creator of Hinduism, gave every living thing a spirit or soul. Many are vegetarians and ___ are sacred and are allowed to wander freely through city streets.
Brahma , Cow ( Zebu )
In Hinduism , The ___ river is thought to be sacred , Drinking or bathing in its water can purify the soul and heal the body.
In Hinduism, ___ is the belief that the souls of human beings and animals go through a series of births,deaths, and rebirths called ___ ... Under the law of ___ , the effect of man's actions on his destiny over many lives.
Transmigration of souls , Reincarnation , Karma
The Holiest City in India
Hindi society has been organized since ___ according to the ___ .
3,000 b.c. , Caste System
Hindi Soceity
1st _________
2nd _________
3rd _________
4th _________

Unranked are ___ or ___
1st = Brahmins
2nd = Kshatriyas
3rd = Vaisyas
4th = Sudra
Untouchables or Outcasts
what is nirvana ?
Soul freed from passion,hatred,and delusion and soul can be released
___ helped get this system outlawed but it still exist today.(law in 1952)
___ Is indias capital , ___ is the money , ___ is indias cow
New Delhi , Rupee , Zebu
___ is what the red dot a women wears on her forehead means.
In India ___ marriages are normal . ___ is veiling by Hindu and Muslims
Arranged , Purdah
In the 6th century , a man named Siddhartha Gautama ( age 29 ) changed his beliefs from Hinduism. His followers called him ___ , The enlighted one.
___ believed that life was evil and filled with misery , but one could escape evile by 1) good deeds 2) self knowledge , and giving up all worldly desires.
___, followers of Islam were conquered by religions rather than by the sword around the year 1,000
By 1526, The ___ dynasty was founded , India's most powerful.
___ is the beautiful example of Islamic architecture from the mogul dynasty.
Taj Mahal
The ___ between Pakistan and Afghanistan has been historically crucial for the control of India. It is 28 miles long.The road and restroom is still strategic.
Khyber pass
In the 1500's Europeans came to India for ____ and natural resources. They wanted ___, a blue dye ; ___ , a tropical plant used for making rope and burlap ... sugar,tea,cotton,ginger,pepper, and other spices
Raw Materials , Indigo , Jute
___ won control of India from the French in 1757. Then they built the railroad there .
British reforms made: ___ was outlawed , ___ became the language taught in schools , ___ was outlawed , ___ was outlawed , the practise in which widows burned themselves alive on their husband's funeral pyres , and indians became second class citizens in their own country .
Slavery , English , Killing female babies , Sutte
___ Was the site of an early civilization
___ Is the worlds highest point and ___ is the 2nd highest
Mt.Everst , Mt.Kailas
___ is Hindu sacred river
___ is the body of water east of india in the northern part of the indian ocean.
Bay of Bengal
___ is holy to hindus and buddhists because it contains the thrones of the gods.
___ led india's struggle toward independence. His name is later changed to ___ , meaning " The Great Soul".
Mohandas Gandhi , Mahatma
Gandhi's was powerful weapon was ___.
Non Violent Resistance
Gandhi called for a ___ on british goods , refusal to buy to force change. Because he opened thread (homespun) for cloth and encouraged others to do the same, the ___ became a symbol of national pride.
boycott , Spinning Wheel
India had problems between there ethnic groups : ___ , often landowners , and ___ , who were usually peasents.
Hindus , Muslims
As the british prepared to leave , fighting broke out between the 2 groups. The solution to ___ , divide into parts , was the answer.
The republic of india was mostly ___ and pakistan was mostly ___. (independence for both in 1947) ___ refugees moved.
Hindu , Muslims , 12 million
west pakistan and east pakistan had conflict . India sided with _____ which became known as _____ when it became independent. it means "_____"
East Pakistan , Bangladesh , Bengali Nation
India Religions :
Hindus = __%
Muslims = __%
Christians = __%
India's principal crop is ____ . (2nd in world production ; china is 1st)
Offcial language in India is ___ and ___ dialects spoken
Hindi , 1600
Gandhi was assassinated on __ __, ____ (date) on his way to evening prayer by a hindu fanatic
January 30,1948