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Who is the person who sailed the ocean blue in 1492?
Christopher Colombus
Who is the prince who hired sailors, mathematicians,astronomers and mapmakers to study navigation?
Prince Henry the Navigator
What explorer set out on August 1487 to discover the southern tip of Africa?
Bartholomew Dias
Who in 1479, sent four ships to India in 10 months not 11?
Vasco De Gama
Who in 1519 set sail to find a WESTERN ROUTE to Asia from Sevilla?
Ferdinand Magellan
Who named Magellan's three ships?
Vasco Nunez Balboa
Who lead the Portuguese into war and later defeated a large Arab fleet?
Pedro Alvares Cabral
Who allied with local enemies of the Aztec and later ruled Mexico after winning a battle against the Aztecs?
Hernan Cortes
Who was the Aztec ruler?
Montezuma II
Who invaded present-day Peru, captured the Incan ruler and had many Inca killed?
Francisco Pizzaro
Who was the Incan ruler?
Who continued the search for the Northwest Passage that was started by Giovanni Verrazano?
Jacques Cartier
Who was the French mapmaker who founded Quebec?
Samuel de Champlain
Who explored the coast of present-day Newfoundland and discovered the settlement of Jamestown?
John Cabot
Which families were monopolies and were very wealthy and gave out loans/money to others?
Medici Family of Florence and the Fuggers Family of Augsburg