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kind to africans
beliefs of white supremacy
set up colonialism (possibly unintensionally)
Mungo Park
explorer that discovered the source of the Nile
African Association
a group of British scholars and scientists that worked for find the source of African waterways
Heinrich Barth
European explorer
acting as a father figure
Europeans treated Africans as children
a country that is controlled by another more powerful country
Indirect/Direct Rule
Direct - more controlling and powerful
Indirect - less expensive
French idea to take away African culture and make all Africans part of the French culture
Berlin Confrence
no african representation
1) must make public claim to Europe on land
2) must occupy land
3) must control route to sea
4) must "negotiate" with Africans
King Leopold II
took control of the congo
took away potential
closed it off to outside trade
Budyard Kipling - "The White Man's Burden"
says it is the right and duty of Europe to help Africa
acting as if Africans are unable
says it will take a long but will be possible
a person commited to improving the the lives of people
ex: livingstone
King Mutesa
king of buganda
agrees with missionaries in their arrival
selfish - believes christians will follow him easier than muslims
West africa
violent response to british
originally succeed in fighting british, but then loose
becomes the colony of the gold coast (later ghana)
british had control
mutesa is king then mwanga
british decentralize country by giving seperate benefits to chiefs
defeats Italians (using European warfare) under king menelik
Battle of Adowa
Ethiopians defeat Italians under menelik
Battle of Dunkwa
battle in which Ashanti beat British
comes back to Ethiopia after treaty is signed and takes over (never offically a colony)
leader of Maji rebellion
unsuccessful in use of water as protection
Maji Maji Rebellion
maji = water in swahili
Tanganyikas try to protect themselves from germans with water
Osei Tutu
famous ruler of Ashanti
Aborigines Rights Protection
first independence assoc.
want protection of leaders and people (not full independence)
peaceful protests
convince Britain to withdraw unfair bill
lead by African leaders on the Gold Coast
National Congress of British West Africa
2nd independence assoc. (after aborigines right protection and before 1st pan african congress)
lead by leaders of the Gold Coast
want to unify west africans in nationalism
-universal adult sufferage
-equal job oppurtunities
-higher education
-free education for children
acheieve: some voting rights & laid groundwork for future movements
failed because of quarrelling in congress
4th independence movement (after east africa assoc. and before nigerian youth movement)
lead by aime cesair and leopold senghor
used poetry to help africans embrace heritage and get rid of assimilation
influenced africans to take greater pride in past
Aime Cesair
leader of negritude
Leopold Senghor
leader of negritude
1st Pan African Congress
3rd independence movement (after national congress of british west africa and before eat african association)
took place at a french confrence
want to unite all africans to have influence on government
-better wages
-shorter work hours
-health benefits
brought africans together
lead by du bois
5th Pan Africa Congress
last independence movement (after nigerian youth movement)
lead by nkrumah and kenyatta
wanted to help smaller countries gain independence
helped set framework for later independence
W.E.B. Du Bois
leader of 1st pan african congress
East African Assoc.
after 1st pan african congress and before nigerian youth movement
wanted pass laws and hut taxes removed
formed political groups
Thuku killed and followers jailed
West African Youth League
second to last independence movement (before 5th pan african congress)
wanted political freedom (not full independence)
developed political groups
spread awareness
Nigerian Youth Movement
after negritude and before west african youth league
nigerian youth
wants unification of nigeria (not complete independence)
gave more political awareness but failed because of tribal differences
Harry Thuku
leader of East African Assoc.
Marcus Garvey
independence leader trying to motivate Africans
Jomo Kenyatta
independence leader for Kenya
relation of elephants with Europeans
imprisoned because of violent rallies
later became leader (knew how to lead independence rallies but not a country)
Kwame Nkrumah
leader of independence movement in Ghana (COlony of the British Gold Coast)
imprisoned twice
started political group (Conventions People Party)
becomes prime minister then president (knows how to lead independence rallies but not a country)
mau Mau Rebellion
in Algeria (French settlers)
take over parliamentary government but French still hold control