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give the order of Russian Classes
czar, noble, Mir, serfs/peasants
What was the Russian Church?
Russian Orthodox
how did the russian church support the wealthy?
allied itself with autocracy. priests reported any disloyalty.
How did the church help peasants?
Gave them hope and entertainment.
how did the russina government help[ the church?
it was apoointed its officials and it was given financial support.
What is a mir?
village commune that regulated life.
By whom was the mir run?
coucl of men who were heads of families.
what did the mir do?
they collected taxes and provided recruits for the army.
what is an icon?
a religious picture of Jesus< amry or a saint?
in what kind of families did russians live?
They lived in patriarchal extended families.
what kind of marriages were there?/
what were the serfs' home like?
a small wooden house with a single larde room and smaller storage rooms.
For what were stoves useful?
warmth and cooking
what did they eat?
dark bread, porridge, cereal, cabbage, onions, and cucumber. Sometimes, dariy or meat, or fish.
For what does the USSR stand?
Union of soviet Socialist Republics
How much bigger is russia than USA?
2 times
What are two plains that exist in Russia?
North European PLain and the West Siberian PLain
Qhat is the border between Asia and Europe?
The Ural MOuntains
What is the worlds's largest inland sea?
Caspian Sea
Why is the AAral sea shrinking?
it has rivers that divert away from it.
Where did the first Russian State emerge?
kiev onteh dneiper River
Name three Rivers that were major highwats for trade?
Dnieper, Don and Volga
Why do the harsh winters hurt the economy?
it limits the growing season and more energy is needed, transportstion is messed up
What is permafrost?
a layer of soil below the surface that remains permanently frozen
Name Russias resources.
forest, soil, oil, coal, iron ore,natural gas, gold, platinum,chromium.
why can;t russia use their resources?
they are in remote parts of siberia
Name three things that affected Russia's development.
climate, ethnic diversity, no natural barriers
what culture did russia originally absorb?
The Byzantine culture
What kind of state was Russia and on what was it built?
How long are the ural mountains?
1500 mi
The North Euriopean PLain has what percent of the population living there?
what is the first way to emmorize the order?
Ketchup burns my dumb mouth
what is the second part to memorzing the timeline?
like I'd give it the PG
what were the two things that the byzantine empire gave russia?
language and religion
what religion the the russian adopt by Prince Vladimir?
byzantine christianity
how did the mongols rule russia?
indirectly, by collectingrent from prices from russians.
How did Moscow become important?
it was by the Don and Volga rivers, head of the church moved there and the princes kept some of the money for themselves.
what was Ivan the great price of?
whose rule did ivan end?
how long was the mongolian empire?
china to eastern europe
Ivan the Terruble stregthened what?
the autocracy
who had a secret police force?
Ivan the terrible
who had a reign of terror
ivan the terrible
what did he encourage the growth of?
who hired westerners?
peter the great
what city did peter start?
St. Petersburg
russian scars concentrated on what?
building a strong military and getting new territories
In the 1800s, what happened?
trform, factores
did the czar Nicholas I crush the decembrist Revolt?
who set up the assembly called the Duma?
Nicholas II
What happned after Russia expanded?
what are pogroms?
organized acts
who aquired poland, belarus, lithuania and the black sea?
Catherine the Great
who freed sefs, encouraged schools and imporved healthcare?
alexander II
who developed a new form of socialism?
karl marx
who planned a peaceful; march to the czar's palace in st. Petersburg?
father georgi gapon?
who imposed censorship, banned western books?
nicholas I
who was the autocratic culer during the march in 1905?
nicholas II