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The center of the empire developed:
-large army
-diverse water trade routes
-strong centralized gov.
Pax Romana
-A time of wealth and power for the roman empire (roman peace)
Emperor Makers
-soldiers elect their generals
-fight and cause civil war in rome
-starts to decentralize gov.
-countryside estate owned by aristocrat
-decline of empire=roman nobilities live on estates and become self sufficient
-coloni seek protection+ are tied to land
(LT) Villas
-w/ fall of Rome villas evolve into self-sufficent manors
-legally tied to land
- coloni decree (nicaea council)
-agricultural society
-open minded
-unbiast opinion or perception
-monotheistic religion
-backbone of christianity
-jesus' teachings
-Torah- people of the book= Jews, Christians, Muslims
-creator of xianity
-beleived to be son of god
-based teachings on Judaism, parables
-gave people hope= can edure despair
-message= sermon on the mount
(LT) Jesus
-xianity becomes a major force in history
-xianity+ church will replace power structure in W. Rome
-hope carries peasants through middle ages
Golden Rule
-Jesus' message
-treat others as you want to be treated
-therefore no laws are needed
-founder of xian theology
-father= pharisee- jewish sect that strictly upheld traditions and laws of religion
-roman citizen so could travel around and spread religion
-(the boy cries wolf)
-(prodable son)
- stories with morals
-or gospels that teach lessons
Judaism- the leader

Xianity- son of god
-ability to endure dispair
(LT) Hope
-made xianity grow
-as rome fell people needed hope so looked to xianity
-light will always win over dark
-Ahura Mazda- god of light
-sent son mithras down to fight prince of darkness
-emperor-A.D. 284
-restored romes strength:
-limited personal freedoms
-doubled army
-fixed prices to stop inflation
- made farmers and workers keep jobs
-restored honor of being emperor by persecuting xians and saying he was son of god
-split empire, maimian ruler of west and himself ruler of the east
- slowed decline of rome but retired and civil war- four rivals for power
-first xian emperor of rome
-constantine fights with licinius against maxentinius and maxeminius and win.
-they issue edict of milan
-moved capital to constantinople in east
-establishes ceasaropapism- secular leader (king) beleives has the right to settle religious affairs
(LT) Constantine
-changed xianity from persecuted sect to dominant religion
-richer centralized government in east because of constantinople (away from feudalism)
-kings/ emperors beleive they are agents of god= christianized empire in east
Battle of Milvian Bridge
-313- Maxentrinius vs. Constantine
-Constantine has a vision of a burning cross+ voice says "conquer by this"
-tells troups of vision and to put cross on sheilds
-army thinks god is on their side+ win
-constantine becomes a xian
(LT) Battle of Milvian Bridge
-christianized empire in east becuase of burning cross and constantine becomes a xian
Edict of Milan
-religious freedom
-restores order peace and prosperity
-plea for help- rome is in trouble (west)
-unity and gains control over population for constantine
(LT) Edict of Milan
establishes divine right= the right to rule comes from god
Nicaea Council
-325-arians are enemies of church
-church inherits property+structure is established
- nicaean creed
-coloni decree- surfs tied to land
-Arius vs. Athinasius
-called by constantine
(LT) Nicaea Council
-persecution of arians by catholics
-church fills void left by collapse of W.- church is gov.
-Surfdom= no social mobility
Arius vs. Athinasius
Arius- god creates jesus-god= divine #1 -jesus= semidivine #2
-polytheistic arians
Athinasius- jesus= god on earth
- jesus+ god are one
-monotheistic nicenes
Athinasius wins
enemies of church
god and jesus are different
Nicene Christains
followers of nicene creed
one god
-king of visigoths- wants terrritory for his people (warriors, women, children)
-arian christian
-410- sacks rome for land
-horse warriors
-children raised with horses
-reflex bow+ stirrup= superior mobility+ firepower
-exposed weakness of west to germanic tribes
-from central asia
(LT) Huns
-pushed visigoths into rome- huns on one side and rome on the other, barbarians would rather fight rome
-visigoths fight rome for 1st rome defeat
- 410 alaric sacks rome+takes spain
-accelerated fall of rome (feudalism)
-hired warriors (usually germans)
- had no loyalty for empire
- showed that empire was weakening
Battle of Adrianople
-378- roman emperor valens lead army against visigoths
-visigoths win- scatter roman forces+ kill emperor
-rome= defensless
...german tribes begin to move towards roman borders
Germanic People
-strong + courageous in battle
-governed through tribal assemblies of voting freemen
-live east of rine+ north or danube
-began to mix w/ romans but refrained by attacking rome when it was weak
City of God
4 blocks of Civilization
division of labor
written language
-pushed into rome by the huns
-lived there but were treated badly
-finally decided to fight rome for land in 410
St. Augustine
-all humans are evil
-obtain grace to cleanse soul- controlled by church through 7 sacraments
-from hell go through church to god and obtain 7 sacraments
Judaism/ Christianity Split
jesus dies...
-christians beleive he was messiah
-jews didn't
(LT) St. Augustine
-creates most powerful entity in W. europe
-controls every aspect of individual life
-church will take over power in W. europe
-decentralized form of gov based solely on holding of land
-split into those who
hold land
where the lord lives
owner of the manor