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Spanish, conquered Aztecs, discovered they had gold, took control, burned gold together
Moctezuma II
Last Aztec emperor, overthrown by Cortez, killed in battle by the Spanish.
Xipe Totec
Aztec mythology, slaves were sacrificed and skinned, worn by priests during fertility rituals that followed the sacrifice
sun, not the earth, at the center of things. (heliocentric, sun-centered)
burned at the stake for his ideas
inductive logic
(and partner Kepler) move in elliptical, not circular orbits. Physical laws no longer work once outside of atmosphere
moon had mountains and valleys, sun had spots, other planets had own moods. also invented the telescope
mathematical laws that all physical objects obeyed. Force of gravity that governed elliptical orbits of heavenly bodies, calculus "math of motion" dismissed God from the universe
The Turk
built by Wolfgang von Kemplen, mechanical, wind up device, play and beat humans at chess
Ephrata Cloisters
70 miles west of Philadelphia, church burned in 1778 to stop typhoid epidemic (home of the Dunkers)
short lived, believed in celibacy, led by Conrad Beissel, focused on alchemy, secret ceremonies, strict separation between men and women.
Conrad Biessel
established Ephrata Cloisters, not so celibent himself
Excavation Findings at Ephrata
gun parts, retooled guns (by those in the hospital) straight pins, Yankee made bayonet, French Rifle, musket balls
Geneva Convention
musket balls were against the Geneva conventions, but most likely British made and used in Ephrata