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What were things Homo erectus used?
Homo Erectus used fire, standardized tools
Where did Homo Erectus emerge?
Homo Erectus emerged 1.8 my ago in Africa, migrated to Near East, Asia, Europe (both from Near East and, most likely, from Northwest Africa)
Where did Neanderthal Man inhabit?
Neanderthal Man inhabited parts of Europe, Asia, Africa
Neanderthal Man used what?
Neanderthal Man used fire, wore fur, made stone-tipped spears, lived in caves, stone shelters
When did Homo Sapiens develope?
Homo Sapiens developed about 150,000 years ago
When did Cro-Magnon Man appeared?
Cro-Magnon man appeared at least 40,000 years ago
Palaeolithic Cultures did what things to make their lives better?
Used eoliths, made stone tools, standardized procedures for making implements such as hand ax, Hunted, fished, collected fruits, nuts, berries
What was the first culture to have art?
Late Palaeolithic Cultures
What kind of communities did people live in during the Neolithic (New Stone Age) period?
Neolithic (New Stone Age) people lived in farming villages
What is the best example of a Neolithic village?
Çatal Hüyük (Turkey) is best-preserved example of a Neolithic village
What are some of the things pre-literate fammilies did to make living easier?
Groups of clans formed tribe with common speech, culture, land
What were some acts that might be considered punishable by death in a pre-literate society?
Treason, witchcraft, incest, acts considered dangerous to the community might be punished by death
Where is the furtal cresent located?
MESOPOTAMIA is where the furtile cresent is located
MESOPOTAMIA contains what two rivers?
MESOPOTAMIA contains the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
What marked the begining of the bronze age?
Civilization in Sumer marked beginning of Bronze Age
Who took Babylon?
Hittites (Indo-Europeans) took Babylon
Who was the first woman Pharaoh?
Hatshepsut first woman ruler of Egypt
What are the names of the great pyrimds of Giza?
Great pyramids of Giza are Khufu, Khafre, Menkaure
When were the Hittites around?
THE HITTITES were around in 2000-1200 BCE
Who were the Hittites?
Indo-European-speaking group with superior iron-based military technology and chariots
The Phoenicians lived where?
The Phoenicians Lived in present-day Lebanon as traders, shipbuilders, explorers, colonizers
What kind of goods did the Phoenicians sell?
The Phoenicians sold purple dyed woolen cloth, furniture crafted from cedars of Lebanon, metalware, glassware, jewelry, Egyptian papyrus rolls
Where was the Assyrian Empire located?
The Assyrian Empire was located in western asia
What caused the downfall of the Assyrian empire?
Oppressed peoples overthrew the Assyrians
Who invented coined money?
The Lydians invented coined money; king Croesus symbolized wealth