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2 primary goals of tx
1. Goals: (a) reduce sx, (b) improve functioning
In Body Dysmorphic DO – variant of what, so what meds are helpful?
In Body Dysmorphic DO – view it as variant of OCD, where SSRIs are helpful
Systematic dens (3):

Self-instructional tx:

Stress inoculation training for: memorize 3 phases:
Systematic dens: clt creates hierarchy, teach relaxation, then go through hierarchy

Self-instructional tx: by meichenbaum, related to task-completion (hyperactive children) = verbalizing tasks

Stress inoculation training: PTSD, etc. memorize 3 phases: education; role playing and relaxation training; and in vivo application
Interpersonal psychotherapy (what it is and for what dx?)=

intervention for schizophrenia =
Interpersonal psychotherapy = short term, for depression
Important aspect of family intervention for schizophrenia = avoiding negative affect
30 lbs over 3 months = is what, so do what?
30 lbs over 3 months = very dramatic, so go to internist
is there neuropsych rehab for alzheimers?
No neuropsych rehab for alzheimers
issue re: inpatient substance tx
Don’t jump to inpatient b/c alc. dependence is not always necessary and is very disruptive
OCD tx of choice=

Contingency contracting=
OCD = tx of choice is exposure w/ response prevention

Contingency contracting = used w/ children re: if you do X you get reward Y
Who's responsibility is it to notify patients re: supervisee unlicsened, and how do most do it?
It is SUPERVISOR’s responsibility to notify patients – most due it via letter
tx For Panic Disorder (w/ 2 parts):

Interoceptive exposure:
For Panic Disorder: CBT (includes exposure + relaxation)
Interoceptive exposure: part of CBT, create within body actual experience of panic attack (hyperventilate, spin around, etc.)
Vocational counseling =
Vocational counseling = helping direct career, not academic help
Exposure used for treating PTSD ? (how)

what dx is Cognitive Processing Therapy used for?
Exposure widely used for treating PTSD (write or read about traumatic experience, or going back to area, location, etc.)
Cognitive Processing Therapy: for PTSD
when to seek consultation?
Only seek consultation when there is a CLEAR problem you don’t know how to handle in the question – don’t see problem in question unless they say it clearly
don't use what tx to use with GAD?

Instead, use what?
Don’t use flooding with GAD, instead applied relaxation