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comparison & contrast of data or possible outcomes to decide which is the best choice
programs offered by high schools, colleges, and universities that are geared toward adult students
continuing education
privatley run institution that trains sutdents for particular types of jobs
trade school
school that offeres a variety of skills-oriented programs
vocational-techincal school
someone who learns how to do a job through hands-on experience under the guidance of a skilled worker
chart in which one can arrange what one has learned about oneself and what one has learned about a possible career side by side, along with # indicating how closely they match
personal career profile form
on-site instruction in how to perform a job
on-the-job training
final step in decision making process leading to a career
individual career plan
what career information is on a career profile form?
career values
personality type needed
skills and aptitudes required
what personal information is on a career profile form?
skills and aptitudes
how will comitting yourself on paper help?
ideas are concrete
which is more expensive?
trade school\vocational-technical center
trade school
what do trade schools offer?
more programs than vocational
what type of classes are at vocational-t-c
skills oriented
why are 4 year colleges and universities important?
many careers require 4 or more years of school
what do community and technical colleges offer?
2 year and certificate programs
what are community and tech. colleges cheaper than?
trade schools and 4 year colleges
why is going to a community and tech. college helpful?
are able to transfer your credits to 4 year school
how is continuing education helpful?
able to brush up on old skills, complete education, pursue new paths
true or false?

you can use personal career profile form to match what you know about yourself with what you know about diff. careers.
true or false?

once you establish an individual career plan you should not change it.
false- you could get job offer that would hinder plan
true or false?

vocational-tech. centers are more expensive than trade schools
false- they are usually inexpensive
true or false?

individual career plan should include short, medium, and long term goals
why would perfectionism not be advantageuos when working in a group environment?
always have to get their way and not listen to anyone elses ideas
why would perfectionism be advantageous when working in a group environment?
product would be of high quality