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Working Memory capacity (STM)
The amount of information that can be held accessible
1. 1st it was thought of as 7+- now its thought of as 3 +- 1.
2. Limited capactiy
3. Short duration, high level of accessibility
The ability to group single items into more can be stored in STM
Atkinson-Shiffrin Model
STM serves as a gateway by which info can gain access to LTM
--> said that it was for storage alone
Working Memory
Engages in complex cognitive activites
Baddeley-Hitch Model
1. consists of 2 short term stores and a control system
2.The function of the STM is not a way station for info to the LTM but instead its primary function is to enable complex congnitive activites.
Central Executive
A control system that governs the depositing and removal of info from STM and the storage buffers themselves.
Phonological Loop
1. Verbal
2. "mind's ear" and a "mind's voice"
3. "loop idea" --> articulatory rehearsal = voice internally the sounds you hear internally
4. Phonological store = a continous loop plays for as long as verbal material needs to be maintained in working memory.
Articulatory Rehearsal
Voice internally what you hear internally
Phonological Store
A continuous loop plays for as long as the verbal material needs to be maintained in working memory.
Phonological Similarity Effect
When items stored in working memory have to be serially recalled, performance is significantly worse when the items maintained are phonologically similar (sound the same)
Word-Length Effect
1. 2 second capactiy
2. performance on recall test is worse when the items to be maintainted are long words.
Visuospatial Scratchpad
The ability to develop, inspect and navigate through a mental image.
Spatial Rehearsal
The process of mentally refresing stored locations to keep them highly accessible.
Central Executive
1. Determines what info is deposited in the buffers.
2. determines which buffer is selected for storage
3.Coordinates info btw the 2 buffers
4.Provides a mechanism by which info held in buffers can be inspected and manipulated.
Executive Processes
Processes that modulate the operation of other processes nad that are responsible for the coordination of mental activity
Switching of Attention
The focus of attention is moved from one entity to another
Inhibition of Response
The suppression of a partially-prepared response.
--> "Biting your tongue"
Coding info about the order of events in working memory
The assesment of one's performance on a task while the task is being performed.
Frontal Executive Hypothesis
1. Every executive process is primarily mediated by the Pre-Frontal Cortex
2. Patients with damage to the PFC show inaccuracy on incompatible trials.
3. Attention, Inhibition, and attention-switching are all affected by PFC damage