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was the most important, he was a reformer. He wanted to restore the Empire and bring back the glory days. When the Kina Riots break out Justinian wants to leave the city but he is convinced to stay by wife and generals. He sends his armies to the old western Empire. He was some what successful. He has to rebuild Constantinople he builds the church of Holy Wisdom.
Her father was a bear keeper and she was herself a belly dancer. She belonged to the Greek world. She had an insight into the people. Justinian was not as good with the people as she was so she eased tension between husbands and others. When she died he was not the Emperor he once was. Theodora commands the army of Justinian.
Corpus Juris Civilis
Body of Civil Law Code of Roman Law Justinian knew good gov meant good laws. This was a reform of the old Roman law. He created a commission of 16 men they worked for more than 6 years and studied law books. It was written in Latin and lasted 1400 years.
He defended the Christians; he was concerned about Icons and images in religion. He felt people were so concerned with icons that they are dealing with religion that people need to be in government he bans icons
He was central to Islam. He was born in Mecca he wasn’t rich or poor. Father died when he was an infant mother at 6. As a young man he was a merchant’s assistant. When he was 25 he married a widow of a wealthy merchant. He became a social activist he was concerned about the poor. He worked hard at his career as a merchant, but wanted to help others and had self doubt. He decides to leave Mecca for a life of isolation in desert. He had a revelation and at 40 years old Allah sends Gabriel to Muhammad. Gabriel came to him on several occasions, after his death his revelation was recorded in the qur’an. People should submit to gods will. Islam means submit to god. Muhammad is a profit and the last profit.
Five Pillars of Islam
1. Profession of faith
2. Pray 5 times daily
3. Fast during Ramadan
4. Give to Charity
5. Pilgrimage to Mecca
was Muhammad’s son in law, and was the 4th Caliph there was wide spread opposition and he was assassinated.
He was a general that became Caliph, he created the Caliph hereditary, there is more expansion he moves into Africa and takes Spain. He moves the capital to Syria this creates upset and this is the split. was the founder of the Umayyad dynasty of caliphs.
Yang Chien China established Si dynisty Tu-Ku his wife dynisty did not last long.
the wife of Yang Chein they were from mixed families Yang will form a unified empire. The son killed Yang Chien the son was crazy. His spending broke the treasurery.
Tang he was in love with Lagy Yang quit taking care of business and let her family run country. He has to give up thrown. Tang Dynstey will not recover.
Equal Field System
System China Tang Dynsty Empor gave land to the men, 18 acres. How much land you had in how much you payed in taxes. This policy worked well for about a centry and helped the tang prosper
Lady Wu
was the mistress of the father of Kao-Tsung after her husband died she took over. She killed her oun sons to maintain authority
Japan he was ruling in place of his aunt the empress, ledgend says he was born holding a statue of budda. He created guidelines for the 17 article constitiution of 604. The goal was to take power away from powerful families. Article 2 said that buddism was the offical religion and confuciaism is how things should be organized. He sends emissaries to China monks, scolars soliders etc. Over time 1000 went to China to learn when they learned they came home and would teach everyone else
Trasformation in land structure. Land ownership and taxes will follow chinese
Japan first sogan war lord military leader
Africa Iron Capital Kushit Kingdom