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The VLF PWR AMP circuit breaker on the P67-3, is supplied by which TRU? (Assume all buses are ISOLATED!)
NFM-200, pg 18-9 Fig 18-2
The FMCS displays the channel numbers and three letter identifiers of the TACAN channels being autotuned at the bottom of the Data Sensors page.
NFM-000, pg 2-393 para note
The SDU contains a _____, a 24x46 video display, _____, BIT, and a power supply.
During a preflight interior inspection, either an RO or FT is responsible for assisting the Flight Engineer with all ground coordinated items marked with a double dagger.
NFM-000, pg 7-5, para 7.5.3
The TSEC Mode Select Panel RESET Switch, when pressed, performes a power-up restart.
NFM-200, pg 18-69, fig 18-39
Switching capability is provided in the Baseband Control Assembly enabling any of the baseband TX signals and the associated PTT discretes to be rerouted from their designated multiplexers to the ALCS system.
NFM-200, pg 18-261, para
When V/UHF#1's mode selector is set to DF, transmit capability is disabled.
NFM-000, pg 2-471, para
On the VERDIN Control Unit, switching from Plain to Cipher or Cipher to Plain causes the INPUT DATA indicator on the modulator to flash as a warning that transmitted data may not be encrypted.
NFM-200, pg 18-100, fig 18-56
Notch filtering in the 17 to 30 kHz band is provided to reject the VLF transmit signal.
NFM-200, pg 18-101, para
Which ALCS component processes and demodulates biphase and FSK Peacekeeper status messages?
Waveform Converter
NFM-200, pg 18-245 para
What two units make up the ALCS controller?
processor and interface units
NFM-200, pg 18-231 para
The C2 cabinet is located ______________.
at the forward end of comm central, next to the battlestaff area partition
NFM-200, pg 18-5, para 18.2.8
With the EXT TRIG SEL switch on the CRO Input Panel set to 60Hz, a 60Hz signal is routed from where?
60Hz CONV 1
NFM-200, pg 18-64, para
The KIV-7 is used for EHF transmission and reception and operate in conjunction with the______.
NFM-200, pg 18-292 para
The DAISS subsystem can be reset using the ___________.
DAISS RESET button on the UHF C3 Auxiliary Control Panel
NFM-200, pg 18-257 para 18-258 fig 18-114
Which DAISS SSU menu allows the operator to input information to the Attendant Control Unit (ACU)?
NFM-200, pg 18-157 para
When setting up Direct Access lines on the Direct Access Selection screen a "BLANK" is entered for a particular Battlestaff station, what does this mean?
no privileges
NFM-200 pg 18-167 para
Each time a new warning occurs, the "WARN" count at the top of the display screen increments, module 100, corresponding to the total number of warnings since power on.
NFM-200 pg 18-194 para
Which DAISS screen is used to set current time?
ACU Status Display screen
NFM-200, pg 18-185 para18. (1)
What three letter "TYPE" of DAISS security violation would indicate "Plain data in secure channel"?
NFM-200, pg 18-193 para (2)
What DAISS special dialing feature access code would be used to insert security device in call on hold?
NFM-200, pg 18-214 fig 18-88
What is the bandwidth of the DAISS transmultiplexers (XMUX)?
0.3 to 59.7 kHz
NFM-200, pg 18-156 para
What are the Data Modem Controls four modes of operation?
preset, test, setup and load
NFM-200, pg 18-64 para
The BIT mode on the ESM system completes a self test of the system within ____ seconds.
NFM-200, pg 18-64 para
Computer-converter failure of the ALR-66 will be displayed on the display screen by the letters:
What is the normal operating temperature of the Forced Air Cooling system?
For entering present position for IRS alignment, the________ page(s) of either FMCU may be used.
What simultaneous inputs do the FMCUs receive to compute and update the aircraft position as well as flightpath progress for display on the CDUs and flight instruments?
On a 4.0 scale, what is the minimum passing grade for a NATOPS open book examination?
Who has overall responsibility to ensure that preflight inspections of the aircraft interior and exterior are carried out by the flight crew?
Aircraft Commander
Preflight inspections are performed:
before the first flight of the day.'after maintenance of any kind (except routine servicing).
The "NO FLOW" indicator on the Draw Through Cooling System Control/Indicator panel, can take how long to illuminate when cooling air flow is too low to cool the avionics associated with the system?
approximately 2 minutes
The FT is presponsible to the:
MC and FE
The _____________ are major assemblies for the communications system.
Battlestaff, Comm Central, Radio Set Group, Amplifier-coupler-modulator and Antenna Group
HF_______ is used only for reception.
Failure of the Communication Control Unit (CCU) will be indicated by the:
FAIL light on the Crypto Select/Emergency Audio Panel.
Which position on the Mission CSUs is used for emergency communication only?
How many Maintenance Station Units (MSUs) are located throughout the E-6B?
The ADI display is presented as a video picture generated by the corresponding _________ based on data provided by the selected IRS.
symbol generator
What allows the FRDS symbol generators to compare data for the purpose of component failure detection and annunciation on the display units?
data bus
The FRDS NAV Sensor Select Switch must be in ______ enable the FMCS MAGNETIC/TRUE Select Switch.
The KG-84C TSECs interface with the _________ and the MCS subsystem.
DC Jackfield
The link monitor subsystem consists of a _____________, link monitor control, link monitor filter select panel, voltmeter, a variable attenuator and a step attenuator.
spectrum analyzer
Which position of the SA Input Select switch on Link Monitor Control provides transmit and receive baseband to the spectrum analyzer?
With the Marker Beacon Sensitivity switch set to low, the receiver sensitivity to the Marker Beacon transmitter signals are reduced by approximately _______.
The ________ interfaces with the DC Jackfield, TSEC 1, 2, and 3, VLF communication subsystem, and MILSTAR communications subsystem.
The __________________ provides automatic program loading control of the operational program and real time digital communications process through multiple I/O lines.
MCS processor unit
If temperature at inlet sensor drops below lower operating limit, which MCS processor BIT fault will be displayed?
The EHF High Power Amplifier receives power and control from the ___________.
High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS)
The receive antenna field consists of __________ antennas located on the aft fuselage section and in pods on both wing tips.
The __________ provides for the loading of the following MILSTAR TRANSEC keys: terminal unique, uplink,downlink, and the cover key.
The downconverted RX SHF IN signal frequency is ________.
7.4 GHZ
The MILSTAR antenna consists of a three axis pedestal stand assembly with a _________ inch reflector.
What components make up the MILSTAR EHF group?
Modem, RSU, HPA, HPA high voltage power supply
MILSTAR consist of which three segments?
Space, mission control and terminal.
What size MILSTAR antenna dish is used on the E-6B?
What are the frequecies generated by the MILSTAR time code generator?
5 and 1 MHz
The ____________________ area of the MILSTAR display, displays interactive menus and screens, and provides a text entry for full screen edit.
Main Display
The KGV-11 SAVE/ZEROIZE switch when placed in the down position within ______ seconds of power loss, saves KGV-11 keys for _____ minutes.
Which indicator on the ANDVT Call box when illuminated, indicates user may talk?
What two processors make up the MILSTAR processor group?
What is the maximum continuous load on an IDG generator?
218 amps
The APU can accommodate a mission avionics preflight excluding ____________________.
the 85-hp reel motor.
Which AC bus normally supplies power for the SSPA/C primary 28 VDC?
If generators 3 & 4 fail, and the # 4 engine is shut down,the maximum continuous power output of the SSPA/C will be what?
Half power with the Aux Generator Breaker closed.
During flight, with engine #4 shut down, the SSB open and the AGB closed, what generators are now powering the ME SYNC Bus?
2, 4, 5, & 6
The E60-2 power distribution panel is located on the C-2 cabinet and provides 115 VAC 400 HZ and 28 VDC to which of the following?
UHF C3 subsystem
When the Split System Breaker is open, air vehicle bus 7 is powered by generator ___ through the transfer relay.
Position ________ is primarily responsibe for the preflight and operation of the MCS.
A PSK UHF signal is received by the __________ subsystem and applied to the UHF C3 transceiver via the RF divider.
A _________ clock signal is supplied to the PSK modem by the T/FSDS subsystem.
1 MHz
On the PSK Modem Control, what satellite plans are __________ the E-6B?
Which radar setting is used for short or medium range terrain mapping at altitudes above 500 ft AGL.
The Rendezvous Beacon antenna is located where on the aircraft?
STA 535
"An operating procedure, practice, or condition, etc., that may result in damage to equipment if not carefully observed or followed" is the definition of a ____________.
What is the Nomenclature for the Power amplifier module, _________.
What is the Nomenclature for the Automatic control head, ___________.
With less than ________ generators on the ME bus, the SSB ________ causing a HVPS interlock fault, which inhibits transmit operation.
If preflight power is supplied by an external ground power source, the SSB must be ________, with external power applied to ________ power receptacles, during SSPA/C performance of off-line BIT.
open/both E1A and E1B
Which component of the SSPA/C receives RF signals from the selected input module in sine wave form, and converts that frequency into phased rectangular waves to be amplified by the PAMs.
Which component of the SSPA/C receives and amplifies a rectagular waveform from the MPDG?
What button on the SSPA/C ACH allows the operator to move backwards through the menus, one screen at a time?
The T/FSDS Time Standard Module (TSM) is programmmed with ________ and timing references from a synchronized external time standard before each mission.
What are the output(s) developed by the T/FSDS TCGs?
5 MHz, 1 MHz and 1 PPS
The crossed dipole antenna located at sta 1134 on top of the aircraft is UHF C3 RCV ____ and the blade antenna located at sta 1150 on the bottom of the aircraft is UHF C3 RCV ____.
What is/are the operating mode(s) of the UHF C3 radio subsystem?
Which key on the UHF C3 control panel serves as the enter function for changing preselected radio settings?
The Baseband Control Assembly provides patching capability which enables cross utilization between any of the _________ and ____________.
UHF modems / DAISS multiplexers
What does DP (BB/DP Switch) stand for on the VHF/UHF CT Mode Panel?
The Vapor Cycle System supplies cooling air to the ______ and the ______ for the C1 cabinet and the battle staff and comm central cabin zones.
C2,ALCS bay
Where are the control indicator panels for the Vapor CycleSystem (VCS) located?
P-20 console, 'Flight engineer's panel, 'Right-hand battlestaff console
If power is lost or any malfunction prevents RESET to clear the RAM cards of classified data, the processor shall be safe guarded as &d0D_____________(s0B&d@(s3t10H material until theare cleared or removed.
The VLF Air Interlock Panel when set to the BATTLE SHORT position restores primary power to which subsystem?
VERDIN Transmit Terminal
With the VLF Preamplifier/Filter Control in the BYPASS position, there will be no notch filtering, with a resulting gain of _______ to _______ db.
23 to 11
The Glide Slope antenna is of what type?
bent dipole
The VHF navigation system, VOR information is________.
bearing/radial only.
The audio interface provide the interface between the two LST-5Ds and DAISS _______________.
red electrical interface unit no. 3
The VOSAT embedded COMSEC features the INDICATOR COMSEC module and provides interoperability with the _______ COMSEC device.
On the VOSAT control panel, what happens when the mode switch is set to SAT?
Selects the RFSDU output from the UHF receive antennas to be used by radios 1 and 2.
What provides the interface between the two LST-5Ds and Red EIU #3?
Audio interface
The maximum operating height for the Low Range Radio Altimeter is _______ ft.
Which Indicator/Switch on the Data Status Panel when pressed, for at least 10 seconds, sends a low output signal to the EIU?
Primary power to the SSPA/C is controlled by four _____ that connect the ME bus to each of four phase shift power transformers.
What MILSTAR processor controls fault detection and isolation within the terminal with built in test (BIT) monitoring and processing?
The C4 cabinet is located __________.
at the aft end of comm central
The ANDVT SRCU allows ____________ and provides an indication of the operating status.
remote operation
The crossed dipole antenna located at sta 1134 on top of the aircraft is UHF C3 RCV _________and the blade antenna located at sta 1150 on the bottom of the aircraft is UHF C3 RCV___________.
The ADF receiver uses only the loop antenna while the function selector is set to ANT.
The KIV-7s are interoperable with the______data encryption equipment in both secure and over-the-air rekey (OTAR) modes.
Placing the IRS mode select switch from OFF to NAV, and entering the current position, will initiate a___________ alignment.
5 minute
Two KY-100s are used for EHF transmission and reception and operate in conjunction with BBP.
The internal guard frequencies of the (ARC-182) V/UHF system are ______, 121.5, ______ & 243.0 MHz
40.5 / 156.8
What are the five distinct display subareas of the MILSTAR display?
System status, Main Display area, Prompt area, Option area, and Advisory area.
What is the frequency range of the VOSAT power amplifier?
225 - 400 MHz
PAM 22 is located in module shelf rack ___________.
The top two lines of the STU-III/R RCU status display, monitor and control the status of the selected STU-III/R?
The ____________ accepts MSK signals at a 7.5 kHz IF from the VLF receivers and coverts them into digital information for the processors.
VERDIN Demodulator
How many RED EIUs are used by DAISS?
On the Low Range Radio Altimeter, the TEST Pushbutton, when pressed, causes the pointer to indicate 40 feet and the warning flag to come into view.
What is selected by the VOSAT control panel on the P-20 console?
Receive mode antenna, 'Transmit antenna, 'Primary radio
The Forced Air Cooling system modes of operation (determined by the MODE switch on the flight engineer panel and the landing gear squat switch)are ground CART mode, ground ENG/APU mode, and inflight ENG/APU mode.
Both analog and digital operating modes are required for proper operation of the KY-100s with the______units.
When transmitting on the UHF C3 system, ensure a minimum of __________ separation in frequencies on all UHF transmitters and receivers.
10 MHz
What is the frequency of the audio tone heard in the headset for the Marker Beacon Airway Marker?
3000 Hz
The IFF transponder operates on frequencies _____ Mhz and ______ Mhz.
1030 / 1090
With the "Transmit Monitor" selector switch set to RCVR 2 on the VLF Preamp/Filter control head, all signals from VLF RCVR #2 will be attenuated by _______________.
Approximately 60 db
Position _______ is primarily resposible for the preflight and operation of the UHF C3 subsystem.
For Pilot: With the INSTR SOURCE SEL switch set to ALT, symbol generator 1 receives inputs from:symbol generator 1 receives inputs from:
IRU 3 and FMCU 2.
The MILSTAR display is divided into how many distinct subareas by the MILSTAR processor group firmware?
The COMSEC Device (KG-84/A) TSEC 10, a secure crypto device, is used for EHF transmission/reception and operates in conjunction with the _____________.
Which Comm Central positions can access the HF-1 radio?
The FMCS Active Flight Plan is erased at the end of the flight, ________minutes after the aircraft ground speed has fallen below ____ knots, or during a cold start on the ground.
The VLF PWR AMP circuit breaker on the P67-3, is supplied by which TRU? (Assume all buses are ISOLATED!)
The VLF preamplifier/filter control NOTCH FREQ SELECT-KHZ switch shall be set to _______ during SSPA/C transmissions FROM 17-30Khz. At all other times _________ may be selected.
What does a small white "T" is displayed on near the ADI lubber line indicate?
Timing Fault
In the ALCS Code Retaining Power supply, a time delay relay disconnects the battery from the load if the input to the power supply remains off for more than ______ minutes.
What is the maximum continuous load on the APU generator?
170 amps
What MILSTAR processor controls fault detection and isolation within the terminal with built in test (BIT) monitoring and processing.
All Glideslope receivers operatein frequency of 329.3 to 335 MHz.
The intercom receive network function is not affected when "HOT MIC" is selected on the PTT selector switch, and a radio transmit network is activated.
NFM-000, pg 2-382 para
The pilot, copilot, flight engineer, and ACO are capable of transmitting on the public address system.
NFM-000, pg 2-384, para
The MILSTAR ___________________ provides terminal management, message handling and processing, SATCOM satellite command processing, EAM and reportback message processing and operator interaction on the RED side of the terminal.
Baseband Processor (BBP)
NFM-200, pg 18-126, Fig 18-71
What is the STA location of the VLF Receive antenna?
NFM-200, pg 18-4, fig 18-1
GCU no. 4 is located where?
E16 rack
NFM-000, pg 2-384, para
The C1 cabinet is located ____________________.
at the forward end of comm central, next to the battlestaff area partition
NFM-200, pg 18-126, Fig 18-71
On the CADI Control Panel, If Tx ONLY is selected MILSTAR will be keyed.
NFM-200, pg 20-8 para (3)
What indicator on the KG-84C,shows how many times the traffic encryption keys (TEK) or key encryption keys (KEK) have been updated?
UPDATE display
NFM-200, pg 18-71, fig 18-41
The Baseband Processor (BBP) NVRAM stores the MILSTAR terminal image.
NFM-200, pg 18-278 para
The ____________ provide primary control to the C3 Link monitor variable attenuator.
Link Monitor Control Panel
NFM-200, pg 18-130 para
Position(s) ________ is primarily responsible for the preflight and operation of the primary and seconday MILSTAR subsystems.
NFM-200, pg 18-2, para 18.1.4
IAW NATOPS, ear protection is required within a _____ ft radius of any engine at idle including the APU and within a _____ ft radius of any engine at takeoff rated thrust.
NFM-000, pg 3-10,fig 3-7 WARNING
The COMSEC device/_________ is used for EHF transmission/reception and operates in conjunction with the BBP?
NFM-200, pg 18-280 para
The ________ MILSTAR cryptographic device is used for interoperable voice encryption with any other terminal having appropriate configuration and crypto load.
NFM-200, pg 18-284 para
Provides patching capability which enables cross utilization between any of the UHF modems and DAISS multiplexers.
Baseband Control Assembly
NFM-200, pg 18-261 para
The HF modes of operation used on the E6-B communications system are ______________.
plain or secure upper and lower sideband voice, plain or secure FSK upper and lower sideband data, plain or secure AM, and plain CW
NFM-200, pg 18-1, para 18.1.1
The ________________ provides primary control of the variable attenuator.
Link Monitor control panel
NFM-200, pg 18-130 para
When equipment or aircraft is being refueled or defueled do not transmit on HF or UHF radios within _______ feet of the equipment.
NFM-200, pg 18-1, para
The VOSAT terminal configuration consists of ______ LST-5D radio/s with enbedded cypto and _____ power amplifier/s mounted on a single LSTA-101 shock tray/filter assembly.
NFM-200, pg 18-307 para 18.4.15
Up to how many days will the TAC Battery provide power to the TAC nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) if primary power is lost?
NFM-200, pg 18-278 para
How many primary and secondary data nets will the KGV-11 support?
NFM-200, pg 18-293 para
What component supplies power to the MILSTAR Keyboard?
MILSTAR plasma display
NFM-200, pg 18-259 para
All MILSTAR processing that does not require KG-33, KGV 11, or KG-84A is done by the _______.
NFM-200, pg 18-278 para
The __________ receives, identifies, stores, classifies, edits, and routes messages for transmission.
NFM-200, pg. 18-51, para 18.4.1
Which DAISS status screen shows direct access lines, Red interphone conferences, and all the conferences with the communications assets interfaced to the DAISS and EIU modules connected to the ICS?
NFM-200, pg 18-172 para
The RO, IT, and FT are responsible for assisting the FE with all ground coordinated items marked with a double dagger.
NFM-000, pg 7-5, para 7.5.3
The frequency range of the ADF system is
190 to 1750 kHz
NFM-000, pg 2-387, para
Which switch on the ALCS multifunction selector when illuminated, indicates the waveform converter is enabled?
NFM-200, pg 18-238 fig 18-100
The _______ provides the interface between the DAISS and the aircraft communications equipment.
NFM-200, pg 18-156 para
The Low Range Radio Altimeter decision height is annunciated on the ADI by display of the letters DH.
NFM-000, pg 2-329, para
The STC circuit is enabled in what modes of operation on the weather radar?
WX,MAP 2 and BCN
NFM-000, pg 2-418, fig 2-143
The Data Digital Modem, located in the C4 cabinet, provides reliable communications over ________, ________, or ________ circuits.
HF, UHF, telephone voice
NFM-200, pg 18-67, para
Initializing the MILSTAR subsystem in BYPASS will ignore TSM data and initialize the terminal from NVRAM, utilizing saved overrides from previous mission. If the TAC battery has been pulled for maintenance purposes, the subsequent cold start will require selection of the _________ mode utilizing the TSM data for initialization.
NFM-200, pg 20-9 para
Which key on the T/FSDS SDSU provides TCG time?
NFM-200, pg 18-124 fig 18-69
With the ADF function select switch set to ADF, only the Sense antenna is in operation.
NFM-000, pg 2-389, fig 2-136
The glideslope receiver operates in the frequency range of _________ Mhz.
329.3 to 335
NFM-000, pg 2-382, para
The Rendezvous Radar Beacon (APX-78) operates on which band?
NFM-000, pg 2-420, para 2.16.12
The MILSTAR __________ is capable of interfacing interlock signals and providing a system reset signal for the processor section.
control panel
NFM-200, pg 18-262 para
What outputs are developed by the T/FSDS Time Code Generators (TCGs)?
5 MHz, 1 MHz, and 1 PPS
The operating frequency seperation between the AN/ARC-190 radios in percentage of selected frequency for the 6 to 13 MHz range is:
NFM-200, pg 18-102, para 18.4.7
The DAISS subsystem has four red electrical interface units with the cryptographic modification.
NFM-200, pg 18-155 para
Data access to each HF radio is through the __________.
Audio Jackfield
NFM-200, 18-104 para 18.4.7
The UHF-DF system uses a seperate UHF-DF antenna located on the bottom centerline of the aircraft.
NFM-000, pg 1-23, fig 1-16
Which two E-6B mission subsystems when combined creates the Airborne Launch Control Center (ALCC)?
NFM-200, pg 18-231 para 18.4.12
Audio signals are routed within the Audio Jackfield to the ____________.
NFM-200, pg 18-76, para
Where is the E903-1 power distribution panel located?
Righthand battlestaff console
NFM-200, pg 18-7 para 18.3.11
UHF C3 radio frequency selections include _____ preset (channelized) frequencies or _______ manual frequencies between 225.000 and 399.975 MHz, selectable in increaments of 25 kHz.
20 / 7000
NFM-200, pg 18-253 para
The instrument source selector switches also signal the flight reference display system symbol generators to select either the primary or alternate IRU as the source of attitude and heading data for the_________ instrument displays.
primary flight
NFM-000, pg 2-319, para.
How many lines of 80 characters will the MILSTAR display support?
NFM-200, pg 18-268 para
When orbiting with the SSPA transmitting, the maximum Permissible Exposure Limit without hearing protection for a person in the aisle by the SSPA is 2 hours, 33 minutes.
NFM-000, pg 3-11, fig 3-7
The Split System Breaker (SSB) must be _________ when power is supplied by the APU during SSPA/C preflight performance of offline BIT. If preflight power is supplied by an external ground power source, the SSB must be _______, with external power applied to both E1A and E1B power receptacles, during SSPA/C performance of offline BIT.
NFM-200, pg 22-45 para 22.6.6 (1) NOTE
To provide VLF transmission without disturbing aircraft and other mission equipment, the power system is seperated by a ________________ into two distribution systems during VLF transmission.
Split System Breaker
NFM-200, pg 18.5, para 18.3
The VERDIN Control Unit interfaces with output data from MCS, and key generators (KG) and outputs data to the KG and MCS.
NFM-200, pg 18-94, para
The radar antenna is stabilized by IRU # ____ or IRU #____, as selected by the _____ INSTR SOURCE SEL SWITCH, when the ANT STAB is set to on.
2 / 3 / Co-pilot's
NFM-000, pg 2-414, para
Position ______ is primarily responsible for the preflight and operation of VLF subsystem.
NFM-200, pg 18-2, para 18.1.4
What is the MCS main operator interface device?
NFM-200, pg 18-51 para 18.4.1
The maximum drift rate of the IRS is ______ NM per hour under normal flight conditions, (no orbit performed during flight).
NFM-000, pg 17-11, para
What are the four primary modes of the ESM system?
NFM-000, pg 2-456 para 2.19.2
Each of the MSUs contain the MCS operating system, application programs, and _____________.
the mission database
NFM-200, pg 18-304,
The MILSTAR UHF transmit antenna field consists of __________ antennas located on the forward portion of the fuselage.
NFM-200, pg 18-105 para
The HF SIMOP filter works in conjuction with an ___________ that provides an impedence match between the antenna and the R/T.
antenna coupler
NFM-200, pg 18-279 para
The KGV-11A COMSEC/TRANSEC encyption/decryption device to the front of the _____ and the _____ controls its operation.
NFM-200, pg 18-279 para
The UHF C3 upper or lower receive antenna can be selected at ___________.
the UHF C3 Auxiliary Control Panel
NFM-200, pg 18-258 fig 18-114
What is the "Mythological designator" for the KY-58 system?
NFM-000, pg 2-471, para
The localizer and glideslope signals are derived from the VOR receiver number ______ to couple to the autopilot system.
1 or 2
NFM-000, pg 2-439, para 2.17
The link monitor control panel provides ________ or _______ output from the UHF C3 subsystem.
NFM-200, pg 18-130 para
The FSK modems can be operated independently, or FSK modems ________ and ________ can be used for diversity operations.
NFM-200, pg 18-74 para
Lethal voltages are not present inside the SSPA/C when power is turned off.
NFM-200,pg 22-61 para,warning
When performing a BIT on the ESM system, the letter F appearing on the display screen indicates that the system is working Fine.
NFM-000, pg 17-115, para 17.5.1
What type of transmission/s is the VOSAT LST-5D radio capable of making?
Line of site, 'satellite
NFM-200, pg 18-294 para
The SDSU may be reinitialized with TCG1 or TCG2, providing ________.
the selected TCG has not faulted since SDSU power-up.
NFM-200, pg 21-4 para
The BPCU automatically reduces the VLF to half power within 4 to 5 minutes of operation with only ______ generators on the ME sync bus.
NFM-000, pg 2-64, para
Which unit of the HF ANDVT provides the voice processing, coding, and modem functions?
NFM-200, pg 18-112 para
Two KY-100s are used for EHF transmission and reception and operate in conjunction with ______.
NFM-200, pg 18-289 para
If only two aircraft generators are on the ME bus transferring generator 5 to the ME bus using Generator 5 Auxilliary Breaker enables _______ VLF transmit power.
NFM-000, pg 2-65 para
The link monitor subsystem interfaces with the _______ and the ________ for off line testing of UHF signals and UHF communications levels.
ALCS, C3 radio subsystem
NFM-200 pg 18-130 para 18.4.10
The E905 power distribution panel is located on the C-4 cabinet and provides 115 VAC 400 Hz and 28 VDC to:
NFM-200, pg 18-7 para 18.3.6
During transmission,which MILSTAR component processes the digital series data to produces the digital hop word?
EHF Modem
NFM-200, pg 18-296 para
What is the MILSTAR SHF receive frequency range?
20.2 to 21.2 GHz
NFM-200, pg 18-296 para
The VOSAT lithium battery can be changed without disturbing preset data or key variables as long as power is applied to the radio.
NFM-200, pg 18-307 para
The Battlestaff Security Panel allows ________ and the lighting of three KEEP OUT crew information lights along with sounding a chime.
lock out of MILSTAR EHF configuration capability at DAISS SDUs
NFM-200, pg 18-155 para 18.4.11
On the ADF receiver control panel, the LOOP position of the Function Selector does not provide for audio reception since the sense antenna is not used.
NFM-000, pg 2-389, fig 2-136
The FSK modems interface with the ________ and ________.
DC Jackfield/Audio Jackfield
NFM-200, pg 18-74 para
What ALCS component is hardwired to the single output of the 70 MHz select switch?
NFM-200, pg 18-264 para
The SDSU may be reinitialized with GPS, providing _________.
the GPS has not faulted since SDSU power-up.
NFM-200, pg 21-5 para