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Slove: W = V * Q. Find Q
Q = W/V
What is the units for work?
One joule is equal to ______
N*M or newton meter
If the object remains in the same place, did work occur?
T or F
1 Coulomb = 1 Amp-sec
How would you find the area of an cylinder?
What type of work is done when the equation W=torqe
* theta is use?
Change 45 rpm to rad/sec
Slove: A cylinder w/an pressure of 60 lb/in(2); moves an fluid .25ft.Find work.
15 lb*ft
Solve:A weight of 600lbs is lifted a distance of 1.25 ft. with anb force of 200lb over 4ft
Eff.=.93*100 93%
What is the weight density of water?
62.4 lb/ft3
Explain what is an coulomb.
6.25 x 10(18) or 6.250000000000... electrons
Solve: An motor provides 150n*m of torque. How much work is done through 40 revolutions?
37,680 joules
Pressure moves from?
High to low regions
Explain what is an open fluid system.
The fluid is not reuse
Explain what is a closed fluid system?
The fluid is reuse
What is the triangle in front of an letter stands for?
Slove: What is the pressure when you lift an volume of water 150ft?
62.4 * 150 = 9360
work out / work in * 100 is the equation for ?
What are the two types of fluid systems?
Open and Close
What is the units for an volume value?
Any cubic (3) number
Change 2.5 rev to rad
62.8 rad
_______moves electrical charge to do electrical work.