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The ancient civilization is located in Africa.
Main Entry: Af·ri·ca
Pronunciation: 'af-ri-k&
continent south of Mediterranean which contains the ancient civilization country of Egypt
standard form

Write this number in standard form.
Main Entry: standard form
Function: adjective
1 : regularly and widely used way to express a number by simply writing the digit (standard form of seven is 7

I am studying Egypt in school.
Main Entry: Egypt
Pronunciation: 'E-j&pt
country northeast Africa & Sinai Peninsula of southwest Asia bordering on Mediterranean & Red seas; capital, Cairo


Describe the pattern that you found with the data.
Main Entry: 1pat·tern
Pronunciation: 'pat-&rn
Function: noun
1 : a set of characteristics that are displayed repeatedly
place value blocks

Please use the place value blocks to show the number.
Main Entry: place value blocks
Function: noun
: a model or replica of how the ones are grouped to show the value of the location of a digit in a number using cubes for ones, bars for tens, flat squares for hundreds, and blocks for thousands <in 425 the location of the digit 2 has a place value of ten while the digit itself indicates that there are two tens>
expanded form

What is the expanded form of that number?
Main Entry: ex·pand ed form
Pronunciation: ik-'spand-ed ph-or-m
Function: verb
1: to increase in size, number, or amount 2 : to work out in greater detail 3 : to state in enlarged form or in a series : write out in full
The number 321,256 written in expanded form is : 300,000+20,000+1,000+200+50+6

We like to say that Antarctica is down with the ants when we study it on the map.
Main Entry: Ant·arc·ti·ca
Pronunciation: (')ant-'ärk-ti-k&, -'ärt-i-
body of land around the South Pole; plateau covered by great ice cap

What country have we studied that is located in Asia?
Main Entry: Asia
Pronunciation: 'A-zh&, -sh&
continent of eastern hemisphere north of equator which contains the country of China
thousands place

Don't forget to add a comma after writing a digit in the thousands place.
Main Entry: thousands place
Function: noun
: the place four to the left with a comma before it equal to 1,000 ones
hundreds place

Tell the value of the digit in the hundreds place.
Main Entry: hundreds place
Function: noun
: the place three to the left equal to 100 ones with no comma
word name

Please write the word name for each digit.
Main Entry: 1 word name
Function: noun
1 : a word or combination of words used to describe or write a number
The word name for 561,001 is five hundred sixty-one thousand, one.

Look at the table then answer the questions that follow.
Main Entry: ta·ble
Pronunciation: 'tA-b&l
Function: noun
1 : an orderly arrangement of facts or figures in rows or columns for quick reference <table of weights> <multiplication table> b : a short list <table of contents>
ten thousands place

I can write the word name for the number up to the ten thousands place.
Main Entry: ten thousands place
Function: noun
: the place with comma before thousands place and five to the left equal to 10,000 ones
hundred thousands place

Write the value for the digit in the ten thousands place.
Main Entry: hundred thousands place
Function: noun
: the place with comma before thousands place and six to the left equal to 100,000 ones

We learned a great deal when we studied China.
Main Entry: Chi·na
Pronunciation: 'chI-n&
country in east Asia; capital, Beijing

Which continent would you live on?
Main Entry: con·ti·nent
Pronunciation: 'känt-&n-&nt, 'känt-n&nt
Function: noun
1 : one of the great divisions of land (as North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, or Antarctica) on the globe
2 capitalized : the continent of