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unorthodox (adj.)
out of the ordinary, different
egotistical (adj.)
conceited, braggart, self-centered
Lenient (adj.)
understanding, not strict
Placid (adj.)
free of disturbances
Dictatorial (adj)
absolute power, controlling, powerful (negative - DICTATOR. ie.Hitler)
Gratitude (noun)
a state of being grateful, having thanks
Haggard (adj.)
pale, weak, tired
Authoritative (adj.)
strict, powerful (ie. a principal or a policeman)
Tolerant (adj)
accepting, respectful towards others
Lax (adj.)
easy going, laidback, calm
Altruistic (adj.)
Virtuous (adj.)
morally right.
Defiant (adj.)
disobedient, resisent to authority
Compassion (noun)
sypmathy, pity, mercy, care
Conscious (adj.)
aware of your surrounding, awake
conscience (noun)
inner feeling of what is right and wrong.
Stalwart (adj.)
brave, loyal, strong
qualms (noun)
an uneasy or uncomfortable feeling
egotism (noun)
high self esteem, the idea of own self-importance.
Cower (verb)
to cringe or tremble in fear
detrimental (adj.)
harmful, hazardous, dangerous
scruples (noun)
uneasy feelings that come from your conscience
Pacifism (noun)
the belief that disputes can be resolved without war or violence
Pacifist (noun)
a person or group of people who believe in pacifism (non-violence)
Pacific (adj.)
calm, passive, peaceful
Retaliation (noun)
the act of getting revenge, violently
retaliate (verb)
to seek revenge "eye for an eye"
Ignorance (noun)
the condition of being unaware; uneducated, insensitive, not open-minded
Ignorant (adj.)
insensitive, uneducated, unaware
Tolerance (noun)
the ability to accept and respect other people's beliefs and practices.
Incompatible (adj.)
unable to "get along" or work together
Vindictive (adj.)
spiteful, vengeful
Lethargic (adj.)
lacking energy, showing no emotion
Vivacious (adj.)
peppy, energetic, full of high spirits
Amends (noun)
"repayment" for harm or injury; to make amends; smooth over
Tranquil (adj.)
free of stress or anxiety
Serene (adj.)
calm, peaceful, relaxed
Menace (noun)
a threat or a danger
Menacing (verb or adj.)
to utter threats; threatening
Abundant (adj.)
plentiful, excessive amount
Docile (adj.)
easily led
Unscrupulous (adj.)
lacking moral judgement, dishonest
Philanthropist (noun)
someone who participates in charities
Benevolent (adj.)
characterized by being or doing "good"
Compassionate (adj.)
caring, sypmathetic
Callous (adj.)
lacking feelings, hard, cold
Eloquence (noun)
powerful, persuasive, moving discourse (way of speaking)
Eloquent (adj.)
persuasive and moving while speaking
Tumult (noun)
commotion, ruckus, disturbance
Tumultuous (adj.)
chaotic, disordely
Charisma (noun)
personal appeal or magnetism
Dynamic (adj.)
energetic, explosive, enthusiatic
Benign (adj.)
pleasant, beneficial, not dangerous
Malignant (adj.)
malicious, dangerous, harmful
Dote (verb)
to show excessive love or fondness
Maim (verb)
to disable, disfigure, cripple
(refers to humans/animals)
Obliterate (verb)
to do away with completely without a trace
Raze (verb)
to demolish
Ravage (verb)
to bring heavy destruction to
Impertinent (adj.)
improperly forward; rude, mongo
audacious (adj.)
reckless and bold
acquit, acquitted (verb)
to pronounce NOT GUILTY
admonish (v)
to caution or warn in a gently manner
abide (v)
to comply with, or follow (the rules)
indict (v)
to formally charge an offense
indictment (noun)
a formal charge presented by the jury
capitulate (v)
to surrender under specific conditions
perplexed (adj.)
filled with uncertainty, puzzled, confused, complicated
bewildered (adj.)
confused, perplexed
affliction (noun)
a condition of pain, suffering, distress
afflict (verb)
to cause pain, suffering, distress
crucible (noun)
a severe test of one's beliefs and values
coerce (verb)
to force to compel
evade (verb)
to avoid cleaverly, evasive
congregate (v)
to gather in a crowd
congregation (noun)
an assembly of people (usually for worship)
gregarious (adj.)
sociable, friendly
ascend (verb)
to go up; to climb
descend (verb)
to go down; to suddenly attack
renounce (verb)
to give something up, deny, disown