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What is Frontal?
Vertical line dividing the body into front and back position.
What is Sagittal?
A vertical line dividing the body into right and left position.
What is Midsagittal?
A vertical line dividing the body into right and left halves; can be tought of as the same as the midline.
What is Transverse?
A horizontal line dividing the body into an upper and lower portion.
What is Superior?
Above, Higher
Example: The head is superior to the neck.
What is Inferior?
Below, lower
Example: The chest is inferior to the neck.
What is Anterior (ventral)?
Toward the front
Example: The nose is on the anterior, or ventral, surface of the head.
What is Posterior (dorsal)?
Toward the back
EX: The calf is on the posterior, or dorsal, surface of the leg.
What is Cranial?
In or near the head
EX: The brain is in the cranial cavity.
What is Caudal?
Near the sacral region of the spinal column.
Example: the buttocks, are locaed at the caudal end of the body
What is Medial?
A vertical line that passes near the midline of the body.
EX: The nose is medial to the eyes
What is Lateral?
Toward the side, away from the midline.
EX: The ears are lateral to the nose
What is Proximal?
Nearest the origin of a structure.
EX: The part of your thumb where it joins your hand is its proximal region.
What is Distal?
Farther from the origin of a structure
EX: The tip of the thumb is the distal region compared with the part of your thumb where it joins your hand.