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agenda, n.
a list, outline, or plan of things to be done
agile, adj
mentally quick, alert
alienate, vb
hostile, to make unfriendly
altercation, n
quarrel, argument
amiable, adj.
friendly, sociable
amateur, n
lacking experience. Pursuing something for love, and not as a profession.
animated, adj.
equanimity, n.
inalienable, adj.
incapable of being surrendered or transfered
inanimate, adj.
lacking liveliness
magnanimous, adj.
noble, generous
reactionary, adj.
relating to, or favoring
aqua, adj.
aquaculture, n.
cultivation of the natural produce of water (pearls, shellfish)
aqueous, adj.
of, relating to, or resembling water.
Made from, with, or by water
armada, n
a fleet of warships, a large force or group usually of moving things.
armature, n.
an organ or structure for offense or defense.
armistice, n.
temporary suspension of hostilities by agreement between opponents
artifact, n.
something created by humans especially for a practical purpose
artifice, n.
clever or artful skill.
artisan, n.
millennium, n.
a period of 1000 yrs. period of great happiness or human perfection. The 1000 yrs mentioned in Revelation during which Christ is to reign on earth.
perennial, adj.
present at all seasons of the year. persistant, enduring
superannuated, adj.
disqualified for active duty by advanced age.
antebellum, adj.
before the war- more specifically before Civil War
audit, vb.
formal, often periodic examination of an organization's or individual's accounts or financial situation.

Also taking a class without credit
auditory, adj.
of, relating to, or experienced through hearing
avian, adj.
of, relating to, or derived from birds.
aviary, n
a place for confining birds.
avionics, n
electronics designed for use in aerospace vehicles
bellicose, adj.
favoring or inclined to start quarrels or wars.
belligerency, n
the state of being at war or in conflict
benefactor, n
someone that makes a gift or bequest
beneficiary, n.
one that benefits from something
benign, adj.
gracious; showing kidness and gentleness
inaudible, adj.
incapable of being heard; not able to hear
accession, n.
increase by something added
bona fide, n.
made with earnest intent: sincere
bonanza, n.
something valuable, profitable, or rewarding.
bounteous, adj.
giving or disposed to give freely.
capitulation, n.
document containing the terms of surrender.

to surrender, to give up, or give in.
carnage, n.
massive slaughter- massacre.

corpses, especially those killed in battle
carnivorous, adj.
incarnate, adj.
invested with bodily nature and form
intercede, vb.
to plead on another's behalf

to act as a mediator in a dispute
precedent, noun and adj.
adj.- exist, happened before

n- law.
act or instance that can be used as an example in dealing with a subsequent case
recapitulation, n.
a concise review
reincarnation, n.
rebirth of the soul in another body.