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Adjudicate (n)
To hear and decide judicially; to judge.

Adjudicator (n)
Centennial (n/adj)
(n) A one-hundredth anniversary or its celebration.

(adj) Of or pertaining to a period of one hundred years.
Countenance (n/v)
1. A person's face; the expression on a person's face.

2. Support or approval.

To support or approve; to tolerate.
Disgruntle (v)
To make dissatisfied; to put in a bad mood.
Equilibrium (n)
A state of balance.
Expedite (v)
To speed up a process; to facititate.

Expeditious (adj)
With great speed; quick and efficient.
Gird (v)
1. To encircle, bind, or surround.

2. To get ready for action; to brace.
Gratuitous (adj)
1. Not called for; unnecessary.

2. Without a charge; free.
Illusory (adj)
Unreal or imagined; decieving.
Implacable (adj)
Incapable f being placated, soothed, or significantly changed; relentless.
Luminary (n)
1. A source of light, especially from the sky, such as the sun or moon.

2. A person who is well-known for her or his achievements; a celebrity.
Manifesto (n)
A public statement explaining the intentions, motives, or views of an individual or group.
Mesmerize (v)
To fascinate or hypnotize.
Precedent (n)
An act, statement, etc. that may serve as an example or justification for a later one.
Spurious (adj)
Not genuine; false.