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n. 1. Prompness in Responding.
2. Eagerness
exp1: The seller of the car accepted my first offer with such aclacrity that I wish I had offered less.
exp2: At the beginning of recess, the children ran to the playground with such aclacrity.
n. 1. A large group of people or things.
2. An orderly arrangement or display.
v. 1. To place in order.
2. To dress up.
n.exp1: The ship's cabin contained an array of charts and maps.
n.exp2: The array of delectable sweets on the dessert tray tempted the diners.
v.exp1: The marching band was arrayed at the entrance to the stadium for the Thanksgiving game.
v.exp2: The guests had arrayed themselves in elaborate attire for the Viennese ball.
v. To draw a conclusion from given facts.
exp:Your carrying an umbrella leads me to deduce that you expect it to rain.
another form of the word encumber: encumbrance (no definition but example)
v. 1. To weigh down or burden.
2. To impede the action of.
v.exp1: I stumbled through the door encumbered by two heavy suitcases.
2: Large sheets of ice encumbered the ships.
n.exp: The debt was an encumbrance to the young couple as they saved money to buy their first house.
adj. Full of or accompanied by (usu. followed by with).
exp: We abandoned the idea of the trip when we learned it would be fraught with danger
adj. marked by lack of plan, organization, or direction.
exp: He described his humorous haphazard trip to Europe.
adj. Impossible to dispute; unquestionable.
exp: the fact that solar powered energy is sucked up from the sun is incontrovertible.
adj. Hard to explain or impossible to understand.
exp: The dissappearance of ships that traveled through the Bermuda Triangle is inexplicable to me.

form of ingenious: ingenuity (no definition but exp.)
adj. Marked by imagination, resourcefulness or clevernous.
adj. exp: Convertion garbage into energy is an ingenious idea!
n. exp: After getting straight A's in all her classes the child's ingenuity was immediately known to her parents.
n. One who moves behind others because of moving slowly or loitering; a straggler.

adj.(no definition)
n. exp: The laggards were way behind the others.
adj. exp: We have laggard in getting the roof repaired.
n. Something that provides nourishment; food needed to live.
exp: Roots and berries were sustenance for the sailors after they abandoned their ship.
adj1. Intensely hot or dry.
adj2. Burning with passion.
adj. exp1: It's impossible to be barefood on torrid desert sand without burning your feet.
adj. exp2: The letter was filled with torrid declarations of love.
v. to pass over, across, or through.
exp: He sweatingly traversed the bridge.
adj. Appearing to be present in large numbers or many different places.
exp: Tourists with cameras are more ubiquitous every summer.
n1. The highest point; the peak.
n2. The point in the sky directly above the observer.
n1.exp: Winning the Nobel Prize for some writers, the zenith of their career.
n2.exp: The comet we saw in the sky appeared to be midway between the horizon and the zenith.