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be nev' o lent
adj. waiting to do good; kind
The benevolent man helped the hurt person in the car crash.
con sent'
v. to agree; to allow to happen
n. permission; approval
I had to ask for my mom's consent to go over to Billy's house.
dis creet'
adj showing care or wisdom in what one says or does
Discretion n. the ability to handle matters wisely
The discreet boy made sure to bow before recieving communion.
en gross'
v. to take up one's complete action
engrossing adj
The riddle so engrossed me that I was late for soccer.
e steem'
v. to think highly of; to respect
n. respect; high regard
esteemed, adj.
We esteemed Jack when he scored the winning goal.
ex ag' ger ate
v. to describe something as larger or greater than it really is
exaggeration, n
Sam exaggerated the size of the bear.
ex ten' sive
adj 1) covering a large area 2) ambitious: far reaching
Jake has an extensive knowledge of english grammar.
fan tas' tic
adj 1) almost unbelievable 2) unusual odd
The fantastic pictures in the desert made by the Aztecs can be only seen from air planes.
in trigue'
v. 1) to fasinate 2) to plot in a secret way; to scheme
n. a secret plot or scheme
My science teacher's hair intrigues me because it is so puffy.

mar' vel
n. a wonderful or amazing thing
v. to be filled with wonder or amazement
Marvelous adj.
I am marveled that we can send men into space.
mis' sion
n. 1) a special or important task or assignment 2) A group sent on an important assignment
Father Padilla's mission was to bring the Faith to the American Indians in Mexico, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Kansas and other places in the west.
op por tun' ity
n. 1) a time that is right for doing something 2) a chance for getting ahead
A spanish soldier and three bothers found an opportunity to escape from an Indian village and brought the story of the martydom of Father Padilla to Mexico.
re lin' quish
v. to let go; to give up
I was forced to relinquish the bird that I found on the porch.
ty' rant
n. a ruler of person who has complete power and uses it in cruel or unjust ways
Hitler was a tyrant to the world, but especially to the people of Israel.
van' quish
v. to defeat utterly and completely; overcome
The small army was vanquished by the Turks.