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ap proach'
v. to get closer to
n. 1) a coming closer 2) a roadway that leads to a place.
As I approached the house, I could see the garage door handle was locked.
bur' row
v. 1) to dig a hole or tunnel into or under something 2) to dig deeply into
n. a hole dug for an animal as a home
The fox was in it's burrow protecting its babies.
v. to stop or bring to an end
After the sixth day, God ceased his work and rested.
de struc' tive
adj. causing harm or damage
n. harm or damage
The destructive boy broke the window with a baseball.
drow' sy
adj. tired or sleepy
The minutemen were drowsy because they had worked all night to fortify Breed's Hill.
fa' mished
adj. very hungry
Not only were the Colonial soldiers tired, but they were famished because their cook was dead.
fore' cast
v. to figure out and say what will happen before it takes place.
n. a telling of what will happen
The Colonial Army forecast that they would be victorious in the Battle of Bunker Hill.
hi' ber nate
v. to spend the winter in the resting state
The soldiers wished they were bears that could hibernate during the winter instead of freezing to death.
mi' grate
v. to move from one country or region to another
The Colonial Army was made up of simple men who migrated from farms in the countryside.
nes' tle
v. to settle down comfortably as if in a nest 2) to lie in a sheltered partly hidden place.
The colonial army nestled down in their secret camp on Breed's Hill and waited for the Bristish.
ob serve'
v. 1) to see; to notice 2) to comment; to remark 3) to mark an event or a day 4) to obey
The colonial army observed the British carefully so that they could be ready.
pre pare'
v. to make or get ready
The colonial army prepared for the British attack.
re duce'
v to make or become smaller or less
The Battle of Bunker Hill reduced the volunteer army to only one thousand men.
se vere'
adj 1) very strict or harsh 2) hard to bear or deal with
Their ammunition supply was severely low.
ven ture'
v to dare to go, to go, or to say.
n. something that involves the risk of a loss
The Battle of Bunker Hill was a successful venture because it showed that the colonies had courage.