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(v.) to irritate by rubbing, to warm by rubbing
1) The criminal complained to the police that his handcuffs were chafing his wrists
2) Bob's feet were bright red and stinging with cold after his days of sledding, so he chafted them with his hands.
(n.) a feeling of shame or regret
1) I was overcome with chagrin when I learned that my sister had been saving her allowance for months to buy me a Christmas gift.
(n.) complette confusion and disorder
1) We tried to find our friend Bruno at the Zombies concert, but since the club was in complete chaos, we didn't meet up until after the show.
(n.) loud, sustained noise
(v.) to make a clamor
1) the students were alarmed by the clamor coming from the teacher's lounge, where the faculty members were meeting.
2) After waiting for over an hour, the fans started clamoring for Ozzy Osbourne to come on stage and start his concert.
(n.) a group of people whose job is to serve their religion (like priests, rabbis, or ministers)
1) In times of family trouble or confusion, many people turn to a member of teh clergy for advice and comfort.