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프뤼 텐 셔스 2, adj. trying to assume a position of status or wealth that is false 잘난체 하는:ex)The pretentious host took two tin statues, painted them with gold paint, and then told her guests that they were priceless works of art.; showy without a reason to be
프뤼 베일 2, v. to triumph 승리하다:ex)The Union prevailed over the Confederacy during the Civil War because they had a greater number of troops and more supplies.; to be most common or frequent 보편적이다:ex)When the teacher took a survey of the class he learned that the prevailing desire was for there to be no homework assigned over the weekend.
프륌 adj. stiffly proper and correct in manner 점잔빼는:ex)The prim secretary was shocked when the boss announced that Friday would be shorts-and-T shirt wearing day at the bank.
프륀 써 펄 1, adj. first in rank or degree 주요 :ex)Most of the nation agreed that the principal achievement of the Lunos 6 space probe was the discovery of the intelligent alien named Shamus.
프뤼스 틴 1, adj. remaining in a pure, original state, unspoiled by humanity :ex)After watching one week of daytime soap operas, the child no longer had a pristine mind.
프러 쎄쉬 언 2, n. a group that moves forward together in an orderly line 행렬:ex)The problem with the ticket machine caused the procession of people waiting to see Toy Story 4 to halt.; the act of moving forward
프러 페쓰 2, v. to claim openly공언하다:ex)Using a megaphone, Xavier stood on a table and professed his love for Claire to everyone at lunch.; to state aloud; to claim knowledge or skill in:ex)Although Morton had originally professed to be skilled at surgery, he later confessed that he had learned everything he knew through playing the game Operation.
프러 리프 어 뤠잍 2, v. to multiply and increase at a fast rate 증식하다; to grow rapidly 급증하다
프러 페 틱 2, adj. predicting the future 예언적인:ex)Harold started to think his choices prophetic after he picked the winning team in ten basketball games in a row.
프롸스 펄 어스 1, adj. economically successful 부유한; enjoying success and good fortune :ex)Every year on Valentine's Day, the prosperous rose seller thanked the huge number of romantics in the world.
프로우 터 타잎 1, n. the first example of an object or idea, upon which later models are based 원형; 견본:ex)Instead of using gasoline as fuel, the new engine prototype ran on sea water.
프러 비 젼스 2, n. stockpiles of food or other supplies 식량:ex)A steady stream of supply boats from the mainland kept the tiny island stocked with provisions the whole year round.; measures taken to prepare for a certain event 대비책:ex)Deepening the moat and adding more guards were the only provisions the king took to protect the castle from the invaders.
프룯 언트 1, adj. sensible in handling common matters 분별있는; level-headed and wise; careful about your own conduct ; cautious :ex)Screaming "Fire!" in a crowded movie theater is only a prudent action when there actually is a fire.
펀 전트 1, adj. a sharp, biting smell or taste 코를찌르는(냄새를가진):ex)The homemade cheese Wanda kept in her kitchen was so pungent that you could smell it as you walked up to the front door of her house.; The pungent smell coming from the kitchen warned me that Jonathan's pizza would not be ordinary.
쿠웨인트 adj. unfamiliar and odd 기이한:ex)One of the quaint things about the Dzudombi Sand People is their custom of shaking each other's ankles fiercely as a way of saying "hello"; odd in an old-fashioned way:ex)The time travelers from the twenty-second century thought that our use of calculators was incredibly quaint.
쿠왈 러 파이 1, v. to limit the meaning; to soften; to make less extreme 의 뜻을 한정[수식]하다(modify):ex)The governor quickly qualified his remarks about a tax increase by stating that only the top five percent of all companies would be affected.
크웰 v. to stop by using force 진압하다 :ex)By quickly putting on heavy boots and stomping, the oil workers were able to quell the Great Mouse Riot of 1827.; to calm:가라앉히다:ex)Valeria quelled our fears about walking into the haunted house by showing us the patented Ghost Zapper she bought through the mail.
퀴 벌 1, v. to complain about little things<사소한 것 가지기ㅗ> 불평하다; to gripe for small reasons :ex)Even though he was about to become the first person to walk on Mars, Morton kept quibbling about the unflattering color of his space suit.
뤠이 디 언트 1, adj. sending out light or heat :ex)Theh radiant sign in the window glowed brightly on the dark street and indicated that the restaurant was open.; bright with happiness 밝은:ex)Salma flashed a radiant smile at her parents after she finished playing the difficult song on the piano without making any mistakes.
뤰 벌 1, v. to walk around with no purpose or direction 거닐다; to write or speak for a long time, constantly wandering off the topic 두서없이쓰다[두서없이말하다]
뤤 씯 1, adj. having a nasty smell or taste due to rotting 썩는냄새가나는:ex)Remember that raccoon carcass from the "carcass" sentence earlier? Well, you can bet that animal smelled rancid.
뤠스 컬 1, n. someone who misbehaves in playful way 장난꾸러기:ex)Although he was certainly a rascal, Noah had such a cute smile that most adults rarely punished him for his pranks.; a dishonest person 악한:ex)When the townsfolk learned that the rascal's scheme to form a high school band was all a fake, they quickly located him and demanded back their money.
뤠스 피 1, adj. rough and grating 귀에거슬리는:ex)The raspy sound coming from the shed told me that my father was scraping the barnacles(따개비) off of the bottom of our boat.
뤠이 션 1, v. to make available in set amounts, especially during a time when a supply is scarce 배급하다:ex)The county started to ration everyone's water supply when the drought was in its third month.
뤼 버프 2, n. an unfriendly rejection; a snub 퇴짜:ex)I received my rebuff from Anderson Industries in the form of a quick slap in the face from its owner, Wkley "Snapper" Anderson.; v. to refect breifly and rudely 퇴짜놓다 :ex)Natalie rebuffed my request for a date by screaming "No!" and throwing herh sandwich in my face.
뤼 씨드 2, v. to move away 멀어지다:ex)As our annoying guests drove away down the road, we made sure that their car had receded far enough into the distance before we started to celebrate.; to become smaller 줄어들다:ex)Once my fear of the new neighborhood dog had receded, I was able to resume my paper route.
뤼 앂 피 언트 2, n. a person who receives something 수령인
뤸 어 닝 1, n. the process of computing or calculating 계산:ex)Using only a compass and an old map for reckoning, the guide was able to locate the site of the ancient stone carvings for us.; the settling of all accounts, debts or otherwise 청산:ex)After my reckoning with the debt collector, all I had left was one pair of blue jeans and twenty-three cents.
뤼 쿠 퍼 뤠잍 2, v. to get healthier after an illness 회복하다:ex)I was able to recuperate from the chicken pox faster than my sister because I continued to take walks outside and get fresh air, while my sister refused to get out of bed.; to return to normal health
뤼 디 1, adj. tall and thin, like a reed 호리호리한; sounding like a reed instrument <목소리가> 새된(목소리가 높고 날카로운)
뤼일 v. to be thrown off balance; to stagger 비틀거리다:ex)After spinning in place for over thirty minutes, I was reeling all over the park, bumping into slides and other kids as I attempted to regain balance.; to pull inward using a winding motion :ex)Grandpa slowly reeled in the hooked fish, which we would see occasionally jump out of the lake about twenty yards from shore.
뤼 프렉트 2, v. to deflect or bend light 굴절시키다:ex)Swimming underwater at the pool's deep end, I saw how the water refracted the sunlight into wavy shapes along the bottom.
뤼 프뤠인 2, v. to hold back; to restrain 자제하다:ex)I tried to refrain from causing a disturbance, but when they brought out the cat jugglers, I had to rush the stage to try to stop the performance.; n. a phrase that is repeated throughout a song or poem 후렴
뤼 걸 1, adj. very fancy, beautiful, and expensive 호화로운:ex)Unlike most dresses, the regal gown had large diamonds for buttons, which made it sparkle brilliantly in the sunlight.; kingly or queenly 제왕다운:ex)The regal manner in which the king addressed the merchant made him tremble out of fear and respect.
뤠 저 먼트 1, n. a group of soldiers 연대; v. to conform to a highly-ordered system 엄격히통제하다:ex)My life at the summer camp was so regimented that even the times at which I brushed my teeth were strictly regulated.
뤼 그뤠쓰 2, v. to go back to a previous state of development 복귀하다:ex)Although talking chimp experiment was successful, the monkey soon regressed to its normal state once the scientists stopped the injections.
뤠인 n. the time period during which a king or queen is in power 치세:ex)The reign of King Henry the eighth of England spanned four decades.; v. to rule as a king or queen(usually followed by "over") 군림하다:ex)Emperor Charlemagne reigned over much of what is now Europe.
뤨 리쉬 1, v. to greatly enjoy 기쁘게생각하다:ex)Even though the drive was over three hours, all the kids relished the chance to go to the amusement park.; to take immense pleasure in 즐기다:ex)Sigmund relished the thought of playing tennis against Jung because since Jung's serve was so weak.
뤠 퍼 뤠이 션 3, n. something done or paid in order to repay a debt or earlier mistake 배상금:ex)The government paid over fifty million dollars in reparations for people who were wrongly imprisoned during the last war.
뤼 프렌 이쉬 2, v. to fill again 보충하다:ex)Luckily the thunderstorm replenished most of the water that had been lost from the pond during the days of the drought.; to restock or resupply
뤼 포우즈 n. a state of mental peace 휴식:ex)Once she had completed her eighth and final midterm exam, Maeve kicked back her chair and assumed a position of repose.; freedom from anxiety or unrest 평온함:The quiet repose of the little fishing village was shattered when the army of sea monsters appeared with high tide.ex)
뤼 프뤠스 2, v. to hold back ; to keep down or hidden away 은폐하다:ex)Government officials rapidly tried to repress the information that the president liked to wear women's clothes, but the photos had already been taken.; to force out of the conscious mind <기억속에서> 짖우다:ex)The three days I had to spend with smelly Uncle Stan were so horrible that I've repressed the entire event in my memory.
뤼 프로우취 2, v. to blame or criticize
뤼 퍽 넌트 2, adj. highly disgusting 비위상하게 하는; offensive 불유쾌한
뤼 젠트 2, v. to be angry about something unfair and unjust 분개하다:ex)Myra deeply resented the fact that her best friend Sheila had stolen her boyfriend Mehke away from her during the Valentine's Day dance.
뤠 지 두 1, n. the remains of something after a large part is removed 잔여물:ex)Once we removed the plant from its pot, all that remained was a tiny residue of the dirt.
뤠트 러 스펰트 1, n. the review of a past event:ex)Now thath I am old and very ill, in retrospect(되돌아보니) I realize that it was a bad idea to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day when I was younger; hindsight(하인 싸잍)
뤱 어 레이 션 n. the act of revealing; a surprising disclosure 뜻밖의이야기:ex)Our teacher Mr.Mieszkowski's revelation that he was s sheepdog trapped in a man's body came as quite a surprise to all of us.
뤱 어 누 1, n. income 수입; the omney collected by the government for public expenses 세입
뤱 어 런스 1, n. a feeling of respect, admiration, and love 경외하는마음:ex)Our reverence for the holy hermit(은(둔)자) diminished when we learned he had used church funds to buy a satelite TV dish for his cave.
뤼 바일 2, v. to denounce using abusive language ..의 욕을 하다:ex)The manager of the construction crew reviled his workers for falling asleep on the job and threatened to seal them in cement if it ever happened again.
뤠 터 뤽 1, 수사학; 미사여구
루 머 티 점 1, n. a disease that affects the muscles and joints, causing pain and disability 루머티즘
뤼 덤 1, 리듬; a movement or action that occurs over and over again in a regular pattern
륔 어 쉐이 3, v. to bounce off at least one surface:ex)Fortunately, the bullet ricocheted off of my belt buckle, bounced off a wall, and hit the robber in the foot.
뤼프트 불화, 갈라진데
뤼 추 얼 1, 종교의식
롸이 벌 뤼 1, 경쟁
럼프 장난
롸웃 大敗; 패주시키다
로우브 v. 헤매다 over, through;
뤄 벌 1, 건물의파편
뤄 디 1, 혈색이좋은
뤞 이 언 1, 깡패
루 머 네잍 1, v. 반추하다 on