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그륃 락 1, n. a complete stop of all traffic on a road; a complete halt in activity 교통정체; 교착상태:ex)Negotiation reached a gridlock when each side refused to concede to further demands
갈 딛 1, adj. cautious or restrained 조심성있는
걸 니 1, n. a flat table with wheels used to transport patients around a hospital:ex)The ER nurses quickly placed the injured man on a gurney and wheeled him away from the ambulance and into surgery.
구우 루 1, n. a person who is both teacher and leader to a group of followers:ex)Zam Zamford, whoses seminars and lectures are always packed full of farmers, is recognized as an agriculture guru.
햎 해즈 얼드 2, adj. marked by chance or luck; random 되는대로의:ex)The librarian's haphazard approach to shelving and organizing books makes it difficult to find the materials you are looking for.
헤이즈 v. to force someone to perform unpleasant tasks, usually in order for them to be qualified to join club or fraternity 신고식 시키다:ex)The Kappa Gnu Sigma fraternity hazed first-year students by forcing them to drink ketchup and mustard.
하이스트 v. to rob or steal or n. a burglary 훔치다:ex)The thief heisted the wallet from the lady's purse.
힏 이 어스 1, adj. extremely ugly; disgusting and revolting 흉측한
호올스 adj. having a low, gruff sound; husky 목쉰; 쉰목소리의:ex)~ from a cold 감기로 목이 쉬어
호어 뤼 1, adj.gray or white because of age or very old 흰:ex)a ~ head 백발 머리; 나이 아주 많은
하 벌 1, v. to walk with a limp or with difficulty or to slow something down or get in the way of something 절뚝거리다:ex)Sylvia hobbled around for three days after the Alaskan King Crab attacked her foot.; 방해하다:ex)The heavy radio equipment and sleeping gear hobbled their efforts to reach the cabin before sunset.;
호움 리 1, adj. not good-looking; plain or simple 못생긴; 수수한
훞 라 1, n. excitement and confusion 야단법석:ex)The rock star's surprise performance at the small local nightclub caused a lot of hoopla.
호어 륃 1, adj. extremely offensive 짜증나게하는; causing terror and disgust 무시무시한
허 벌 1, v. to float in one place in the air 맴돌다:ex)The bird ~ed over its nest. 새는 그의 보금자리 위를 맴돌고 있었다; to hang around close by 어슬렁거리다:ex)The boys ~ed around (the confectioner's). 아이들은 (과잣집) 주위를 배회했다
휴 n. the color of an object 색<color보다 문어>; the shade or tint of a specific color 색조:ex)a garment of a violent ~ 강렬한 색조의 의상
허스 키 1, adj. strongly built and very sturdy 건장한; having a hoarse, deep quality(of the voice) (목소리가) 걸걸한
하이 쥔 1, n. practices related to good health, disease prevention, and cleanliness :위생(적인 일)
하잎 n. exaggerated publicity 과대광고:ex)Braxo Detergent's claim that four out of five dentists use Braxo to clean their teeth as well as their laundry turned out to be nothing but hype.; v. to deceive or swindle 과대광고하다:ex)The small-time poker player continued to hype himself as the greatest player of his time, although in truth he could only play Solitaire and Go Fish.
하이 퍼 덜 믹 3, adj. placed beneath the layer of skin; n. an injection given under the skin 피하(皮下)의, 피하 주사용의:ex)a ~ tissue 피하 조직
아이 디 알 로우 쥐 3, n. a set of beliefs shared by a group of people, such as a specific religion or political party 이데올로기
임 펟 어 먼트 2, n. something that blocks progress; an obstacle 장애물
임 펠 2, v. to drive forward 추진시키다:ex)an ~ling force 추진력; to urge into action 재촉하다:ex)Ginsberg tried to impel his roommates to go play basketball , but they preferred to lay around instead.
임 피이 뤼 어스 2, adj. behaving like royalty; arrogant and snooty 거만한
임 플로어 2, v. to beg earnestly; to ask anxiously 간청하다
임 폴트 2, v. to bring something in from a foreign country in order to sell it 수입하다;임 폴트 1, n. significance or importance 중요성:ex)the matter of great ~ 극히 중요한 사항
임 포우즈 2, v. to force yourself upon others 강요하다:ex)~ one's opinion upon others 자기 의견을 남에게 강요하다; to place a burden upon others 부과하다:ex)~ taxes on[upon] a person's property 의 재산에 세금을 부과하다
인 어 규 뤠이 션 4, n. a formal gathering to install a person into a position or office 취임식
인 칼 네잍 2, v. to embody in flesh, to put into or represent in concrete form 육체를 부여하다:ex) the devil ~d in black dog 검정개의 모습을 한 악마; 인 칼 닡 2, adj. given human form; given bodily form 사람의 모습을 한:ex)a devil ~ 악마의 화신(化身)
인 씬 어 뤠잍 2, v. to burn to ashes 소각하다
인 컴 피 턴트 2, adj. unable to do things correctly 무능한
인 크러 먼트 1, n. an added amount; an increase 증가(량):ex)The tax increase came in such small increments that we didn't even know it was happening until one year we ended up owing more money than we earned.
인 크림 어 네잍 2, v. to cause to appear guilty of some crime <남에게> 죄를 뒤집어 씌우다
인 컴 번트 2, n. the person who currently holds a specific political office; adj. holding a position or office 재임중에 있는 사람; 현직의
인 디프 어 런트 2, adj. showing no concern or interest 무관심한; not caring one way or the other 상관없는; neither good nor bad, just so so 그저 그런
인 딕 넌트 2, adj. feeling angry or upset about a perceived injustice or wrongdoing 분개한
인 두스 2, v. to influence or lead on :ex)We finally induced tha cat to come out from under the couch by putting a plate of tuna on the floor in the middle of the room.; to coax ; to cause something to happen 유발하다:ex)Syrup of Ipecac induces vomiting when swallowed, which is good if you've just been poisoned and bad at any other time than that.;
인 덜 전트 2, adj. characterized by giving in to needs or desire 물른 be ~ to[towrd] a person 에게 무르다; pampering
인 더스 트뤼 어스 2, adj. hard working and consistent 근면한
인 퍼 런스 1, n. the act of figuring something out by looking at all the facts 추리:ex)the deductive[inductive] ~ 연역(演繹)[귀납(歸納)] 추리; a conclusion drawn from looking at the facts in a situation 결론
인 펄 노 2, n. a confusing, chaotic place, usually on fire; some place that resembles Hell 지옥 같은 곳
인 퍼 닛 1, adj. having no end or limit 무한한; boundless 무궁한
인 퓨즈 2, v. to fill or put into 불어넣다:ex)Bill infused a little humor into the annual board-of-directors meeting when he arrived dressed as a circus clown.; The coach infused some energy into his sagging footbal program by hiring seven new players.
인 젠 유 어스 2, adj. honest and open, without trickery 솔직담백한; innocent and simple 천진난만한
이 니쉬 어 티브 2, n. the first step of an action; the lead; the ability to start your own projects
인 렛 1, n. a body of water, like a bay, that points in toward land:ex)The thin strip of land protected the inlet from many of the high waves casued by the ocean storm; a narrow passage of water between two islands:ex)The two boys, eager to see their girlfriends, built a makeshift raft to cross the inlet between Kwaje Island and Lein Island.
인 올 든 닛 2, adj. going way too far 과도한:ex)a sermon of ~ length 지독하게 긴 듯한 설교; excessive 무절제한:ex)keep ~ hours 불규칙한 생활을 하다
인 콰이어 뤼 2, n. a request for information 문의; an in-depth search into a matter 조사
인 씬 유 에잍 2, v. to suggest something in indirect manner 넌지시 비추다:ex)Graham was constantly insinuating that Jeanne was mentally unbalanced; whenever she spoke in groups of people he would silently rotate his finger at his temple and roll his eyes.; to sneak something into conversation 슬며시 들어가다:ex)The mild accountant tried to insinuate himself into the local motorcycle club by wearing a leather jacket and army boots, but he had no luck.
인 썰 런트 1, adj. boldly rude or disrespectful 무례한
인 티 그뤠잍 1, v. to bring all different parts together 합치다, 통합하다:ex)Researchers had to integrate the many pieces of clay into one single block before they could decipher the ancient message written on it.
인 텍 뤼 티 2, n. a person's moral character; honesty; togetherness and unity; completeness:ex)Mr.Colright's integrity was damaged in our eyes when we learned that he was the one responsible for all of the illegal gun sales.
인 털 벌 1, n. the amount of time between two events 간격:ex)at an ~ of five years 5 년의 간격을 두고; the space between two things 틈
인 트뤼이그 1, n. a secret plot or scheme 음모; 인 트뤼이그 2, v. to fascinate and excite curiosity 호기심을 돋우다:ex)My father was so intrigued by the juggling bears that he didn't even notice when I slipped away and joined the high-wire act.
인 배 리 어 벌 2, adj. always the same; never changing 불변하는
쥅 얼 1, v. to speak rapidly but without making much sense; to chatter 재잘재잘거리다
자알 v. to have an irritating effect 거슬리다:ex)The sound of fingernails being scraped down the chalkboard was horribly jarring; to bother; to knock off balance; to frighten and upset; The news that I was about to speak in front of three million people jarred me out of my relaxed mood.
자알 건 n. a specialized language for a specific trade or industry, like "computer jargon" or "medical jargon" 전문용어; a mixture of several different languages
좌 썰 1, v. to bump or come into contact with roughly while you are in motion 밀치다:ex)I jostled my way through the crowd on the train in an attempt to reach the luggage compartment and look for my lucky suitcase.
커 라이 더 스코우프 2, n. 만화경; 변화무쌍함