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Abash (uh BASH)
v to make ashamed; to embarrass

-Meredith felt abashed by her inabiltiy to remember her lines in the school chorus of "old McDonal Had A Farm"

To do something without shame or embarrassment is to do it unabashedly.

-Ken handed in a term paper that he had unabashedly copied from the National Enquirer.
Abate (uh BAYT)
v to subside; to reduce
Abdicate (AB duh kayt)
v to step down from a position of power or responsibility
Aberration (ab uh RAY shun)
n something not typical; a deviation from the standard
Abhor (ab HOR)
v to hate very, very much; to detest
Abject (AB jekt)
adj hopeless; extremely sad and servile; defeated
Abnegate (AB nuh gayt)
v to deny oneself things; to reject; to renounce
Abortive (uh BOR tiv)
adj unsuccessful
Abridge (uh BRIJ)
v to shorten; to condense
Absolute (AB suh loot)
adj total; unlimited
Absolve (ab ZOLV)
v to forgive or free from blame; to free from sin; to free from an obligation
Abstinent (AB stuh nunt)
adj abstaining; voluntary not doing something. especially something pleasant that is bad for you or has a bad reputation
adj theorectical; impersonal
Abstruse (ab SRTOOS)
adj hard to understand
Abysmal (uh BIZ mul)
adj extremely hopeless or wretched; bottomless