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뱅 크위쉬 1, 극복하다:Nancy finally ~ed her nail-biting habit by coating her nails with a deadly poison.:정복하다:"Nyah, nyah, we ~ed you!" the unsportsmanlike soldiers sang as their enemies retreated.
버 니얼 2, facade; coating; outward appearance:To a woodworker, a ~ is a thin sheet or strip of wood that has been sliced or peeled from a larger piece of wood; plywood, for example, is a sandwich of ~s.:In general usage, a ~ is any thin outward surface.:Under her ~ of sophistication--acquired, at great expense to her parents, at a Swiss finishing school--Holly is actually a shy, nervous hick(시골뜨기).
벌 던트 1, covered with green plants; leafy; inexperienced 푸릇푸릇한; 신록의:In springtime, the ~ hills seem to whisper, "Skip school and come for a walk!":When the movie crew reached their destination, they were dismayed to find the landscape still ~; they were supposed to be making a movie about skiing.
벌쥐 가장자리:On the ~ of the pond is a mushy spot where it's not safe to skate.:v...에가깝다:Nick's surly(썰 리 1, 무뚝뚝한) answer ~ed on rudeness, but his father decided not to swat[스왙 찰싹 치다] him.
베 어 뤼티 1 진실성:You could hardly doubt the ~ of her story, esp. when she had documents to prove her point.
베 뤼 씨 멀 럴 3, 정말인것같은 n.verisimilitude(붸 뤼 씨 밀 러 투드 4):The plastics company had found a way to make fake leather of shocking verisimilitude.
버 뤠이 셔쓰 2, 정직한:It would be easier to trust Charlotte if she had a reputation for being ~--but she doesn't. In fact, she's been called a liar many times before.
어 벌 2, 단언하다:"Yes, that's the man. I recognize him for sure," Charlotte ~red.
바이 경쟁하다:Sally ~ed with her best friend for a promotion.
비 줠 런트 1, 방심하지않는:Dad ~ly guarded the door of the living room to keep the children from seeing the Easter bunny at work.n.vigilance.
빈 옡 2, (책의 속표지나 장(章) 머리와 끝 등의) 작은 장식 무늬:Lauren decorated the top of each thank-you note with a tiny ~ of a dolphin leaping gracefully out of the water.:소품:The editor at the publishing company told Mrs. Proutie that the ~s she had written about her garden would be unlikely to sell many more copies if published as a book.:(연극이나 영화 속의) 짤막한 장면:The boring movie was enlivened somewhat by half a dozen sexy ~s sprinkled through it.
비스 커쓰 1, 찐득찐득한:I rapidly lost my thirst as I watched the water ooze from the tap(꼭지) in a ~, brownish stream.
비 베이 쉬어쓰 2, 생기있는:The eighth-grader girls became bubbly and ~ whenever a cute boy walked by, but as soon as he was out of sight they settled back into their usual grumpy(심술난) lethargy(레 떨 쥐 1, 무기력함).
보우그 유행:Never throw away old clothes; outdated styles inevitably come back into ~.
벌 루 머 너쓰 2, 부피가큰:Kate frantically searched through her ~ lecture notes for the phone number of the boy sitting next to her.
벌 렆 추 워쓰 2, 육감적인:Doreen's figure has passed the point of being ~ and reached the point of being fat.
버 뤠이 쉬어쓰 2, 왕성한:Clay is a ~ reader; he always has his nose buried in a book.
와하프트 <바람이> 살랑살랑 불다:First a gentle little breeze ~ed through the window, then a typhoon blew the house down.
웨이브 포기하다:The murder suspect ~ed his right to have a lawyer present during his questioning, saying that he had nothing to hide.
웨잌 (초상집에서의) 밤샘:Bill's old friends turned his ~ into a party, on the assumption that if he had been present he would have been first to break out the beer.:배가 지나간 자리, 항적(航跡):Jonathan loves to stand at the back of the ferry so he can watch the churning, roiling ~ behind the boat.:지나간 자국 ((물건의)), 흔적:What started out as an honest, pull-no-punches discussion left terribly hurt feelings in its ~, and the participants didn't speak to one another for many days afterward.
웨어 뤼 1, 방심하지않는:The moust cast a ~ eye out of its hole and, seeing no cat, scamper(재빨리 달리다[뛰어 들어가다])ed into the living room.
위 전드 1, 쭈글쭈글한:A few ~ apples were all we found on the tree; all the nice ones had already been picked.
우오우 괴로움:"Oh, woe is me," moaned Libby. "I'm turning forty tomorrow, and no one has planned a surprise party for me!"
뤠뜨 격노:The ~ful vampire lurched toward Marlene and bare(<이빨 등을> 드러내다)d his pointy fang((육식 동물의) 송곳니
자잍 가이스트 1, 시대정신:It's interesting to see how Americans always assume the ~ changes automatically with the arrival of a new decade. The eighties were allegedly the decade of greed; then, on the first day of 1990, greed supposedly went out of style, and old-fashioned niceness became the order of the day. What did all those formerly greedy people do with their stuff?
지 니뜨 정점:The ~ of my career as a singer came when I was asked to give a recital in Carnegie Hall for the royal family, the president, Madonna, and a boy in high school whom I'd always had a crush on; since the, it's all sort of been downhill.
지 니뜨 정점:The ~ of my career as a singer came when I was asked to give a recital in Carnegie Hall for the royal family, the president, Madonna, and a boy in high school whom I'd always had a crush on; since the, it's all sort of been downhill.