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reveal codes
allows you to see the formatting information controlling how a document is displayed on the screen
word wrap
the lines within the paragraph will end automatically and the text will wrap to the next line
moves the insertion point to the next word
Ctrl + Right
moves the insertion point to the previous word
Ctrl + Left
moves the insertion point to the previous paragraph
Ctrl + Up
moves the insertion point to the next paragraph
Ctrl + Down
moves the insertion point to the top of previous page
Alt + Page Up
moves the insertion point to the top of next page
Alt + Page Down
moves the insertion point to the beginning of document
Ctrl + Home
block of text
selected text
adds text to the clipboard so that one paste operation can paste multiple items that have been placed on the clipboard
the small embellishments, the "feet" at the ends of each charachter
mono spaced
each character is of equal width
proportional spaced
characters are of different widths
Quick fonts and Quick format
automatically apply fonts, speeding up the process of creating a document
postitions on the line that control where the cursor will move when the tab key is pressed
tab stops
used for indicating paragraphs
relative tabs
set some distance from the left margin
absoulte tabs
set some distance from the edge of the paper
tab stops can be viewed on the?
ruler which measures the paper from edge to edge
what are the 8 types of tabs?
justified 1)left 2)rigth 3)center 4) aligns on the decimal point and a dot leader version of these 4
line spacing
sets the distance the insertion point moves when an end of the line occurs
controls one line of text only and is automatically discontinued when it ends
flush right
use to push text up against the right margin
moves the left side of a paragraph to the right some number of tabs
double indent
moves both left and right sides of the paragraph towards the center some number of tabs
hanging indent
is a paragraph that is indented but the first line of the paragraph has been back tabbed
drop cap
applies special formatting to the first character(s) of a paragraph
refers to how text is printed on the page
keep text together
allows you to keep specific lines in the document from being seperated across pages
widow/orphan protection
keeps the first or last line of a paragraph from being seperated
block protect
allows you to select the lines to be kept together on a single page
conditional end
allows you to specify how many lines to keep together on one page starting from the insertion point
create one cell out of many
create many cells out of one
the intersection of one row and one column
horizontal collection of cells
verticle collection of cells
how can coulmn widths be changed?
with the table menu or the mouse
Balanced newspaper columns
each column adjusted so they are equal in length
text boxes
are graphics objects that contain text. they have both text formatting features and graphics formatting features
appears on a page behind the text and is normally shaded very light
is a utility program that can be used to check an entire document for grammar, spelling, and style errors.
includes a spell checker, theasurus, and a dictionary
words or objects in a document that moves you to another point in document, another document, or to an internet address.
make it fit
lets you specify the length of a document. the document will be expanded or compressed to fit that length