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bona fide
in good faith
under penalty
in loco parentis
in place of parents
amicus curiae
friend of the court
ex post facto
from after the fact
sui iuris
of one's own right
nolo prosequi
I do not wish to prosecute
malo animo
with evil intent
ignorantia legis neminem excusat
ignorance of the law is no excuse
qui tacet consentit
whoever is silent, consents
prima facie
first face
onus probandi
burden of proof
in flagrante delicto
in flagrant violation
corpus delicti
body of evidence
quid pro quo
one thing for another
obiter dictum
something said in addition (by a judge)
de iure
according to the law
ius civile
civil law
nemo est supra legis
no one is above the law
amicus curiae
friend of the court
nolo contendere
i do not wish to contend
habeas corpus
you must be charged with a crime
non compos mentis
not of sound mind
de facto
according to fact
iustitia omnibus
justice for all
caveat emptor
let the buyer beware
sub iudice
under judgement
nullo more
in no manner
mos maiorum
customs of the ancients (old ways)
lex scripta
written laws