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havoc (n.); (v.)
(n.)- destruction; confusion
SYN: expunge, pandemonium
(v.)- to destroy

*Think of chaos or craziness!
chasten (trans. v.)
to correct by punishment; to refine; to purify
SYN: compeuppance

*Like going to jail. Or refined sugar.
fitful (adj.)
irregular; spasmodic; erratic

*Think of a little kid at a grocery store, whining for something!
chasm (n.)
a deep gorge; abyss; a seperation
CONNECTION: aperture?

*Like the Grand Canyon!
absolve (trans. v.)
to set free from obligation
SYN: remit
*Not like a indulgence because it is POSITIVE; indulgence is negative
flagrant (adj.)
burning; offensive

*If someone offends you, they are being FLAGRANT.
malice (n.)
desire to cause pain, injury, or distress to another

*This is NOT like Miss Nguyen malice, it's pure evil type malice. =D
eradicate (trans. verb)
to pull up by the roots; to exterminate
SYN: expunge; havoc

*I need to eradicate the weeds in the backyard this weekend.
deferential (adj.)
showing respect & esteem
SYN: venerable

*Showing respect, especially to an elder.
reticence (n.)
being silent and reluctant
efface (trans. v.)
to eliminate by wearing away a surface; to make oneself inconspicuous
SYN: vestige?; eradicate?; expunge?

* You can efface your shoe when you walk in them a lot.
covert (adj.); (n.)
hiding place; shelter; wing feather; durable twilled cloth
cataract (n.)
waterfall; flood; a clouding of the lens of the eye
* Cataracts are when your eyes get a milky color when you get old.
abscond (intrans. v.)
to depart secretly and hide

*Like leaving a party without telling anyone.
itinerant (adj.)
traveling from place to place
CONNECTION: circuitous
coherence (n.)
the state of being understandable
ANT: enigmatic; inscrutable
impeach (trans. v.); (n.)
(trans. v.)- to accuse; to charge with a crime; to remove from office
(n.)- a charge; an accusation
ANT: absolve

* A president can be impeached.
gregarious (adj.)
social; PLANTS: growing in a cluster
SYN: amity; voluble?
ANT: reticent; diffident
amity (n.)
friendship; peace
ANT: malice
remit (v.); (n.)
(v.)- to relax; to slacken; to release from guilt or penalty; to give relief from; to restore to former status; to postpone; to send money
SYN: assuage; absolve; allay
ANT: repudiate (no payment of money)
(n.)- an act of...*see above*
impassive (adj.)
apethetic; expressionless; giving no sign of feeling or emotion

thwart (trans. v.); (adv.); (adj.); (n.)
(trans. v.)- to oppose successfully
(adv.)- across; in opposition to
(adj.)- placed across from something
(n.)- the rower's seat (in a boat)

*If Alan is thwarted by Jamie in football...
imperative (adj.); (n.)
(adj.) necessary; masterful
(n.) command; order; rule
SYN: jurisdiction
ANT: pandemonium; havoc
blatant (adj.)
noisy; completely obvious
SYN: flagrant
ANT: convert; abscond

pandemonium (n.)
hell; a wild uproar; chaos
SYN: havoc; rile?