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Ctrl + right arrow
one word to the right
Ctrl + left arrow
One word to the left
Ctrl + Up arrow
Up one paragraph
Ctrl + Down arrow
Down one paragraph
Home Key
To the beginning of the line
End Key
To the end of the line
Ctrl + Home
To the beginning of the document
Previous screen ( up one window )
Next screen ( down one window )
Ctrl + PgUp
Top of previous page
Ctrl + PgDn
Top of the next page
F5 or
Ctrl + G
Opens the Go To feature
Ctrl + B
Ctrl + I
Ctrl + U
Ctrl + A
Selects all the text
Ctrl + Shift + Equal sign
Ctrl + Equal sign
Small Caps
Ctrl + Shift + K
All Caps
Ctrl + Shift + A
Ctrl + Shift + H
Word Underline
Ctrl + Shift +W
Ctrl + U
Double Underline
Ctrl + Shift + D
Ctrl + Z
Undo any highlighting that is not correct.
Ctrl + M
to move the left indent to the next tab stop.
Ctrl + Shift + M
to move the left indent to the previous tab stop but not beyond the left margin.
Ctrl + T
to create a hanging indent.
Ctrl + Shift + T
to remove an existing hanging indent.
Ctrl + 1
to set single line spacing.
Ctrl + 5
to set one and a half line spacing.
Ctrl + 2
to set double line spacing.
Ctrl + 0
to add or remove 12 points of space before a paragraph. ( 12 points is the Word Default )
Bullet Character
Click Font to change the font used for your bullets. Click Character to select a new symbol from the current Font. Click Picture to select a picture from a Picture Gallery, the Internet or to other files for more bullet options.
Bullet Position
Determines the position of a bullet relative to text and margin. You can adjust the bullet position by entering the Indent value for the bullet.
Text Position
Determines the text position realitive to the margin. You can control the position of the text following the bullet by entering the tab position and the Indent position for the text.
Previews your selected choices.
Restart Numbering
Starts a list from the number 1.
Continue previous list
Continues the numbering sequence from a previous list.