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What should the teacher know about English not being Phoneticaly regular as other languages.
This really includes multiple opport to practice, especialy Irregular sight words and Idioms.
Phonetically Irregularitys
Word analysis skills and reading fluency happen how?
Delevopment fluncy in oral reading and what?
silent reading
Name 3 Word skill & fluency factors
Home Language, Vocabulary development, Learning disability
home language
vocab dev
l dis
Apply TEKS how?
evaluate students' reading performance
teks and reading
Word ID skills> reading Fluency>?
reading comprehension
a subject I tested well on
What are the 3 reading fluency factors?
Rate, accuracy and intonation
To plan Instruction you have to
ACCESS word ID Skills and reading fluency
To decode complex words, syllables, and syntax and sematics, yu have to do what?
Identify and confirm word meaning
complex words
When Irregularites occur durning the learning process what do you do.
Get outside help and incorpate currcilum, to aquired skills into new aquired skills
when Irreg. in word id skills arise
What is Parmont for being successful
Self-confidence, motivation, and for subsequent learning
in importance in learning, label the following so fluency occurs, and is not hampered that becomes difficulity in compreh.
decode, blending, STURCTURAL ANALYSIS, reg. and irreg. words, because it is import. to require mult. strat. and oppt. to learn
Impariments to learning
What is Lexical?
In language native or indignous. or expressed in written language form.
What do Indians speak?
What does structural Analysis?
Is the process of interpreting word parts that make up a word. It is a good illust. of how components work together to further skill in each_learn about afix
Assement of plan instructio include irreg site words, or a word that is spelled how?
does not follow a PHONETIC RULE, assessment relates to Graphophemic use in decoding to sound unfamiliar words until students can reinsert difficult words,in the orginal sentance to find sematic and syntactic clues
This idea proves that word analysis and decoding doe by students dictates instruction.
What is the Progression of difficulty, and how is it taught of word id skills and flunency
Phonemes> Blending onset> and rimes> short vowels, consonant blends>syllables > Until you master them all.
Progress of id skills.
High intrest, develop. appropriate, easily available, and decodable texts are important how?
Students should be given ample time to learn the progress of sounding out words orally to decoding silently.
Progesseve word Id and fluency skills.
Name the types of irregular litature words?
was, a, are, the , have, you, says, too, this, said, of, oh, awau what, does, do
types of words
What words don't follow a phonetic rule, and only use woed analysis that will develop and etermine applicaion of certain individual wods
High Frequency Irreg words
What is phoneic rule
How does ELL's use Id vowel-Sound combos wok for them?
They use Reg practice should be devoted to vowel-sound combinations and muli-syllabic words
English Language learners neccesity for id vowel-sound combo
Define Structural Cues
To recognize compound words, base words, prefixs, and suffics, and inflections are part of morphology and aid in word analysis and decoding
struct. clues
Define Syntex?
word order and context is used for word id and word meaning.
morpholy is to words ads sytax is to sentances.
Plan and adjust instruction for what?
Individual student's assessment. as individual evaluate,
In assessment to evaluate what important concept must be done?
The use of miscue analysis, should be done for each student to determine problems with word analysis, decoding or both
Planing and adjust instruction based on individual student's assessment