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wanton (adj)
malicious, unjustifiable, unprovoked, unrestrained
irascible (adj)
easily angered or provoked, irritable
furrow (n & v)
a narrow groove
to make wrinkles in the face
troglodyte (n)
a member of any ancient or mythological race that dwelt in caves; a recluse; a hermit
sublime (adj)
of great intellectual, moral, or spiritual value; superior; impressive
farrago (n)
a medley, a mixture
pertinacious (adj)
holding tenaciously to a belief; stubborn
mendacity (n)
elicit (v)
to draw out, attempt to bring forth
duress (n)
constraint by compulsion, harshness or threat
deplore (v)
to strongly disapprove, express sorrow or regret over
scrupulous (adj)
careful to avoid doing wrong
peruse (v)
to examine with great care
maverick (n)
an individual who does not go along with a group or party
tentative (adj)
not fully worked out or final; hesitant
scrutinize (v)
to examine closely, to inspect or observe with critical attention
adroit (adj)
adept; skillful
antipodes (n)
archaic (adj)
characteristic of an earlier, more primitive period; old-fashioned
austere (adj)
stern, somber
borborygmus (n)
a stomach rumble
bruit (v)
to pass news, to repeat
chicanery (n)
trickery or subterfuge
cullet (n)
glass to be recycled
pedantic (adj)
boringly scholary or academic
desideratum (n)
something desired or necessary
truculent (adj)
fierce and cruel; eager to fight
chary (adj)
wary, cautious, sparing
throng (n)
a large group of people
troubadour (n)
a singer of folk songs
troupe (n)
a group of theatrical performers
halcyon (adj)
calm and peaceful
demur (v)
to question or oppose; to object
ennui (n)
dissatisfaction or restlessness resulting from boredom or apathy
bucolic (adj)
rustic and pastoral; characteristic of rural areas and their inhabitants
infelicitous (adj)
unfortunate; inappropriate
verdant (adj)
covered with green plants, leafy; inexperienced
semantic (adj)
pertaining to the meaning of words or symbols
vernacular (n)
everyday speech, slang