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To receive willingly; to agree to.
ex., She accepted the risks and benefits and agreed to proceed with the treatment.
To take out or leave out; not including; other than.
ex. There were no complications, except for the excessive bleeding.
An adenoma in which there is cyst formation.
ex. The biopsy returned a diagnosis of adenocyst.
Any disease of the glands; the abnormal development or formation of gland tissue.
ex. The physical examination indicated that there was adenosis in the submandibular gland.
a) To produce an effect or change on or to exert an influence over (verb)
ex. The digitalis did affect his heart condition. (The "a" is pronounced uh as in mud and the stress is on "fect.")
b) (As in psychiatry reports) the external expression of emotion (noun)
ex. On mini mental status exam, his affect was flat. (The "a" is pronounced as in cat and the stress is on "af.")
a) To cause to come into being, to bring about, accomplish, execute (verb)
ex. A complete cure could be effected if the patient would quit drinking and smoking.
ex. The surgeon's skill was adequate to effect a resolution of the patient's problem.
b) Result, outcome, intent, fulfillment, influence, consequence (noun)
ex. There were no side effects to the medication.
ex. The doctor worked long hours to the effect that he might be of more value to his patients.
Relating to, arising from, or influencing feelings or emotions
ex. The patient's affective disorder made him difficult to work with.
Capable of bringing about an effect; exerting positive influence; productive of results, etc.
ex. a) Antibiotics are effective against many bacterial strains.
ex. b) The psychotic nurse’s resignation was effective immediately.
Centripetal, conveying TOWARD a center.
ex. There was an afferent loop noted in the colon.
Centrifugal, conveying AWAY FROM a center.
ex. The efferent nerve was followed.