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Why did women have to struggle for their rights?
Women in the United States did not have the same rights and privileges as men.
Give 2 examples of rights that women did not have in the 1800's.
Women were not allowed to vote. Women could not hold public office.
For most women, the only job they could have was....
Once a woman was married, what was her only responsibility? (name two)
Raising and educating the children
Name two famous women in history who struggled for women's rights?
Sojourner Truth and Susan B. Anthony
Who was Sojourner Truth?
Sojourner was a former slave who wanted equal rights for women and black people.
How did Sojourner Truth speak out against slavery and injustice?
She used her beautiful singing voice and traveled around the country
Did Sojourner know how to read and write?
No, she never went to school.
What did Sojourner want everyone to understand?
All people are equal. Slavery is wrong - all people should be free.
Who was Amelia Bloomer?
Amelia was a teacher who believed that women had the right to vote and to work.
What changes did Amelia Bloomer do for women?
She stopped wearing long dresses and started to wear pants.