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Menopause is characterized by:
Amenorrhea for 1yr, usually occurs around age 50
Question an order for estrogen replacement therapy in a client w/ a hx of:
What population is at greatest risk for osteoporosis?
Post-menopausal women
Drug therapy for osteoporosis:
1. HRT - may increase risk of breast cancer, CV disease, and stroke...benefits should outweigh the risks
2. Ca++ - ***TUMS***
3. VitD
4. Biophosphates - Fosamax, Boniva, Actonel
5. SERMs - Evista
6. Calcitonin - Miacalcin (nasal spray)
What is the best exercise for a patient w/ osteoporosis?
What would you instruct a client nearing menopause to omit from her diet?
Caffeine...contributes to bone demineralization
s/s associated w/ a cystocele:
1. Incontinence or stress incontinence
2. Urinary retention
3. Recurrent bladder infections
Patient teaching for alendronate (Fosamax):
1. Take 1st thing in the morning w/ 6-8oz of water
2. Remain upright for 30min
3. Do not double-up dose if missed
4. May cause photosensitivity
5. Notify MD of blurred vision, eye pain, or inflammation
What is a cystocele?
Relaxation of the ANTERIOR vaginal wall w/ prolapse of the bladder
What is a rectocele?
Relaxation of the POSTERIOR vaginal w/ prolapse of the rectum
s/s of a rectocele:
constipation, hemorrhoids, rectal or vaginal 'fullness'