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What is the main use for estrogen replacement therapy with progestin?
Protection from osteoporosis
Suppression of vasomotor symptoms
Prevention of urogenital atrophy
During the first half of the cycle hormones are produced by _____ while the last half the hormones are produced by the _____.
the maturing ovarian follicle
Corpus Luteum
What is the action of FSH?
Acts on developing follicles to make them grow and secrete estrogens
What is the action of LH?
Promotes production of estrogen and progesterone from the corpus luteum
What is the action of the fall of progesterone?
End of cycle, Breakdown of endometrium and menstrual bleeding
What do SERM drugs do?
Selective estrogen receptor modulators
Activate estrogen in some tissues and not in others
What is tamoxifen?
What is tamoxifen used for?
Inhibit growth in the breast for Breast cancer
What is the use of progestin?
Conterbalance estrogen-mediated stimulation of the endometrium which can lead to cancer
What are some harms of HT?
GI effects
Cardiovascular Events
Breast Cancer
Gallbladder Disease
How is the effectiveness of BC measured?
Percentage of accidental pregnancies that occur using the technique
What is the most common form of BC?
What are the two categories of OCs?
Estrogen and Progesterone
Progestin Only
What is classifications of estrogen and progesterone therapy based on?
Number of phases the drugs have
What are the two estrogens used?
Ethinyl Estradiol
What is the most common progesterone used?
How do OCs work?
Inhibition of ovulation
Thickening of cervical mucus
Modify endometrium
What are the adverse effects of OCs?
Thromboembolic events (estrogen)
Teratogenic Effects
Abnormal Bleeding
What are the contraindications of OCs?
Older than 35 who smoke
Thromboembolic disorders
What are the signs of estrogen deficency?
Spotting and Breakthrough bleeding
What are the signs of estrogen excess?
Breast Tenderness
What is Norplant?
Surgically implanted in the inner arm with a synthetic progestin
How long does Norplant work for?
Up to 5 years
What is Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate?
Provides protection up to 3 months with average of 12 months for fertility to return
What are the adverse effects of medroxyprogesterone acetate?
Bone loss
What is the contraindication for IUDs?
Women with a high chance of getting STDs
What are spermicides?
Chemical surfactants that kill the cell membrane
What lubricant should be avoided with the use of a condom?
Mineral oil
What is infertility?
decrease in the ability to reproduce
Failure to conceive is always the woman's fault.
T or F
Problems can occur from both partners
What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?
Androgen excess
Insulin resistance
What is Clomiphene used for?
Treat female infertility
How does Clomiphene work?
blocks receptors for estrogen
What drugs are contraindicated during OC use?
How does clomiphene work?
Block receptors for estrogen causing an increase in FSH and LH
What are the symptoms of ovarian hyperstimulation?
Low abdominal pain, pressure, weight gain, and swelling
What in found in Menotropins?
equal amounts of FSH and LH
Menotropins are used to ____ while hCG is used to _____.
cause maturation of follicles
induce ovulation
What is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin?
Idential to LH
What is the use of hCG?
Ovulatory Failure
What is the treatment of choice for hyperprolactinemia?
Dopamine Agonists
What are the two dopamine agonists used to treat hyperprolactinemia?
What are the two drugs to treat endometriosis?
Leuprolide is a ____.
GnRH analog
Drugs that stimulate uterine contraction are called _____ while drugs that suppress contraction are called _____.
What are the uses of oxytocics?
Induction of labor
Control of postpartum bleeding
How long is delivery postponed with tocolytics?
2 days
Glucocorticoids are combined with tocolytics to accelerate lung development.
T or F
What are other agents to postpone labor?
Beta 2 agonists
Magnesium Sulfate
What is magnesium sulfate mechanism of action?
Inhibition of Ach at uterine NMJ
What are the adverse effects of Magnesium Sulfate?
Muscle weakness
Pulmonary Edema
What is the prototypic oxytocic?
What is the use of oxytocin?
Induction of labor near term
What is the adverse effect of oxytocin?
Water Intoxication
What is ergonovine and methylergonovine used for?
Increase uterine tone and decrease bleeding after birth
What are the two ergots used to decrease bleeding?
What is the adverse effects of ergonovine?
Hypertension (IV)
What is Carboprost Tromethamine?
What is the use of carboprost Tromethamine?
Controlling postpartum bleeding
What is the adverse effect of carboprost tromethamine?
GI effects
What is cervical ripening?
Cervix shortens, softens, and dilates
What two drugs are used as ripening agents?
Oxytocin can be used even if the cervix is not ripe.
T or F
A ripening agent must be used before oxytocin if the cervix is not ripe