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Anti-Lynching Activist
Ida-Wells Barnett
Wrote History of the Standard Oil Company
Ida Minerva Tarbell
Prohibition activist
Carry Nation
Secured passage of Illinois law prohibiting child labor and limiting womens work hours. Secretary of the National Consumers League
Florence Kelley
began Crusade for birth control
Opened first birth control clinic
Margaret Sanger
labor activist
Rose Schneiderman
anarchist, gave riviting lectures on politics, feminism, and modern drama
Emma Goldman
founded hull house
Jane Adams
"Mother Joe" labor activist who marched injured children to TR's home
Marry Harris Jones
founded the Red Cross
Clara Barton
leader of suffragist
Emmeline Pankhurst
threw herself in fron tof the king's horse at the Epson Derby. Began Womens suffragist activism in america
Emily Davison
ground breaking study on lead paint
Alice Hamilton
Second Wife of Woodrow Wilson. "Pettie Coat President"
Edith Bolling Galt Wilson
Labor Activist. Associated with Industrial Labor Workers of the World
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
Helped pass the 19th Amendment
Susan B. Anthony
Idolized Woman
Drawn by Charles Dana Gibson
Gibson Girl
"Typhoid Mary"
Most Famous Patient of North Brother Island
Mary Mallon