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masculinity or femininity
Gender Stereotypes
simplistic descriptions of the supposedly "masculine male" or "feminine female"
Sex/Gender System
Prescribed traits, behaviors, and patterns of social interaction for its members on the basis of sex.
Three Interrelated Components of Sex/ Gender Systems

Number One
The social construction of gender categories based on bioogical sex.
Three Interrelated Components of Sex/ Gender Systems

Number Two
A sexual division of labor in which specific tasks are allocated on the basis of sex
Three Interrelated Components of Sex/ Gender Systems

Number Three
the social regulation of sexuality in which particular forms of sexual expressio are positively or negatively sanctioned
Social Stratification
the extent to which w and m, and the traits and behaviors respectively associated with them, are valued unequally in society.
A sex/gender system in which men dominate women...and is considered more masculine.
The scientific study of human societies and cultures and of social behavior.
the ability to impose one's will on another.
Structural Functionalists
See gender differences as natural phenomena deriving from human biology.


Biologically determined traits acan be modified or completely overridden by enviornmental influences.
Paradigm Revolution
Structural Functionalists couldn't explain everything: social conditions and problems without being revised on fundamental level. 1960's brought about social protest and activism.
Feminist Paradigm
acknowledges the importance of both nature and learning in the acquisition of gender.

Gender is SOCIALLY created.
the differentiating valuing of one's sex