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Christine Amanpour
persian chief international correspondant for CNN
Shirley Temple Black
american child actor during depression, later US ambassador and diplomat
Golda Meir
fourth prime minister of Israel
Harriet Beecher Stowe
american abolitionist, Uncle Toms Cabin
Mary McLeod Bethune
founded Bethune Cookman college. few women who served as president of a college, member of roosevelts black cabinet
Lucy Stone
American suffragist first recorded women to keep her last name upon marriage and first woman to get a college degree in Mass
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
American leading womens social movement- declaration of sentiments credited for initiating first organized womens rights movement
Emma Willard
founded the first womens school for higher education
Jeannette Rankin
pacifist, first women to be elected US house of representatives, first female congress member voted against ww2
rank- voted against wwII
Gertrude Elion
american biochemist received Nobel Prize several inventions
ion- science
Emily Dickinson
famous poet
Sarah Grimke
attorney and judge
judge grim