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Plato, believes that THIS keeps us from real knowledge because of deceptive senses.
The Body
According to Plato, true knowledge can only be obtained through ______.
The Soul
Why does Plato point to women as the improper way to pursue the things that philosophers search for?
Plato believes that women use their emotions (the body) over their reason and that women do not recognize the difference between the material world and the reality.
What is real beauty according to Plato?
Real beauty is eternal and invisible and unchangeable and can only be known through the soul.
Why is it important for feminists to understand the soul/body legacy?
1.The same arguments used to discriminate women are similar to those against men, children, humans, etc.

2.Some women are unconsciously adopting the ideas that already are oppressing them.
When does Simone de Beauvoir think emancipation of women will come?
When women are freed from the association of "woman as body", according to the male wisdom of the centuries.
Beauvoir's idea that "to be human is to have mind prevail over body", follows whose ideas?
It follows Plato's ideas that the body is deceitful and that reason (the rational soul) is the only way to true knowledge.
Explain Betty Friedan's solution: for women to leave (not entirely) women's sphere and "ascend" into man's.
This also follows the mind/body distinction. (like Plato and Beavoir)
What assumption has contributed to the degradation of women?
That women are bound to their body and the distinction between mind & body.
What does the acceptance of the mind/body model lead to?
Descrimination of all races & political/social ramifications.
Explain why Adrienne Rich thinks we should look at Childbirth like athletics.
Rich believes that we should look at childbirth as just an active physical experience and not as enduring pain.
What does Adrienne Rich reject?
Adrienne Rich rejects dualism, she puts the mind & body together. She believes we can appeal to the physical without denying the mind.