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How does one say Hippo in Spanish?
El Hipopotamo
It looks and sounds like hippo...Come on... you didnt need a hint for that... did you?
what is La Iguana?
the Iguana
Jeezus im not giving you a hint! its the same goddamn thing in english!!!
How does one say "Flamingo"?
El Flamenco
Its like flamingo but there is a "C" towards the end of the word.
What is "La Cabra"?
the Zebra
ok... Read it aloud... What the HELL does it sound like????
How does one say, "the Lion"?
El Leon
Its a tough one, i know. but Im not going to help you so here!
What is La jirafa
the Giraffe
ok.... think about it..i know its hard... what is la jirafa??? i mean you may as well spell it with a g instead of a j because of the pronouncation.
La gorilla.. what is it?
you dont even have to look at this card... you know the awnser.
This card should not be an option! you are more stupid from what i origionally labeled you.. That was pretty stupid but O how low you have fallen.
How do people in Spain say tiger?
el tigre
its sorta like tiger but it's sorta not... im not very creative when it comes to hinting
El Elefante.. what is it?
the Elephant
its a little too easy to warrant a hint.