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Is rallying the troops something worthwhile to do?
Yes because we loose sight that this is different fighting than today, they need all the encouragement they can get.
What are the different uses of Ambrosia?
Food, cleanser, embalmer.
Why is there a connection between Sleep and Death?
Because Death is like and eternal sleep.
What do sleep and death have to do with night?
When you go to sleep and when you die you see black, and night is black.
Why would swearing by the River Styx be the most solemn thing to swear by?
Because it is like swearing on your immortality.
Why is it appropriate for Sleep to be disguised as an Eagle Owl?
The Eagle Owl comes out and night and people sleep at night.
When Zeus and Hera make love and the earth starts to grow, what does this tell us?
That the gods are the forces of the earth.
When Hera tells Zeus she had no hand in making Poseidon fight for the Greeks, why is she technically not lying?
Because Poseidon went to battle on his own decision, and Sleep was the one that told him he could fight, not Hera.
Why does Zeus send for Iris and Apollo once he wakes up?
Iris – to tell Poseidon to stop fighting
Apollo – to heal Hektor
When Ares finds out his son Askalaphos is dead he slaps his thighs, what does this mean and where in the Bible does it happen?
It means he is extremely upset and grieved and it happens in the Book of Jeremiah and Ezekiel.
What are the 3 times Hektor has been wounded?
-Hit in the helmet with a spear by Diomedes
-Duel with Ajax, knocked down by a rock
-Hit in the collarbone by Ajax
What is the aegis made out of and who made it?
Medusa’s head, goat skin, Hephaestus.
What are two effects of the aegis and explain when and they happened.
1. Makes men blood-thirsty
-When the Greeks are marching up to Troy for the first time in the Iliad
2. Scares people
- When Apollo is leading the Trojans back into the Greek camp
Why would Apollo save Pouyldamas from getting killed?
Apollo is the god of prophecy and Poulydamas is a seer.
What 2 things does Achilles tell Patroklos to do if he fights?
-Save the ships
-Don’t pursue the Trojans
Why is Hektor fleeing when Patroklos and the Myrimdons come back to fighting?
Zeus takes the bravery out of him because they already set fire to one of the ships.
How does Apollo preserve fate in book 16?
-He stops Patroklos from climbing the Trojan wall
-He hits Patroklos on the back causing him to loose his weapons and his armor.
Is Apollo disobeying Zeus in taking part in the battle?
No because he is doing his job, preserving fate.
Who is the father of Achilles’ two immortal horses?
Zephyrus, who was the West Wind
What does being the West Wind imply?
That the horses are as fast as the wind.
What three things does the fire coming out of Achilles’ head signify?
-Looked like beacon fires being lit on an island mountains when they are under attack
-Troy is under attack
-He is by himself, already in the process of dying
Why does Hephaestus like Thetis so much?
Because he was born crippled at Hera threw him off of Mt. Olympus, Thetis found him and raised him for 9 years.
What does Hephaestus make Achilles new armor out of?
Silver, gold, bronze, tin, and blue enamel
How does the city on Achilles’ shield reflect the Iliad?
-Fighting over the rights of marriage
-The Iliad is about a war
Why did Apollo save Aeneas in his duel with Achilles?
He is preserving fate. Because after the Trojan War Aeneas is going to survive and he will found a new city and those people of his new city will later build Rome.
Why is Artemis fighting with the Trojans?
Because when the Greeks were preparing to leave for Troy, Agamemnon insulted her saying he was a better hunter than her.
fence of sharpened sticks
metal platform used for forming metal into shapes
reddish brown color
female goddesses who live in the underworld that torment people who commit crimes against their families
small axe
to shy
to jump away in fear
area of membrane between the waist line and the ribcage
glowing with an unnatural light
small secluded valley
constantly changing
to keen
to cry in mourning
container for liquid metals
the Linos song
written by Linos, Herakles lyre teacher, hit song for 1000 years about a grape that gets pressed into wine
roofed colonnade
lumps of gore