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N/V Lambrusco Grasparossa:
Lambrusco grape slightly fizzy, earthy, plummy
N/V Sorelle Bronca Prosecco:
Prosecco grape appley, fruitier than champagne
N/V Black Chook Sparkling
Shiraz: Syrah grape dark, lavender, huckleberry
N/V Bugey Cerdon Rose “La Cueille”:
Gamay/Poulsard, dusty, smoky, strawberry color and flavor
N/V Lenoble Brut Champagne
Pinot Noir/Chardonnay, rich, toasty, flavorful
N/V Aubry Brut Jouy-les Reims:
Pinot Meunier/Pinot/Chardonnay
2000 Bruno Giacosa Brut Spumante
: Pinot Noir, softer than Champagne
N/V Henriot Blanc Souverain Champagne
100% Chardonnay
N/V Geoffroy Brut Cuvee
mostly Pinot Noir, quite rich, flavorful
2004 Vinum Cellars “CNW”
Chenin Blanc: medium bodied, pear, no oak
2004 Amity Vineyards Pinot Blanc
: organic, toasty, no oak
2004 Dylan
Sauvignon Blanc: fresh, grapefruity, no oak
2003 Topanga Vineyards
Grenache Blanc: exotic, floral, stewed apricot
2004 Alban Vineyards
Viognier Central Coast: spicy, orange blossom
2003 Stubbs Vineyard
Chardonnay: organic, Sonoma/Marin border, great balance
2004 Robert Sinsky
Pinot Blanc: organic, medium bodied, pear, apple
2004 St. Innocent
Pinot Gris “Vitae Springs”: mineral, pear
2003 Volker Eisele
Semillon/Sauvignon: ripe, melon, fig, pineapple
2004 Forman Vineyards
Chardonnay: crisp, vibrant, no ML, more French style
2003 Navarro Vineyards
Gewurztraminer: lychee, rose petal, geranium
2003 Tablas Creek Esprit de Beaucastel
Rhone Blend: exotic, apricot preserve
2003 Amador Foothill Winery
Sangiovese: cherry fruit, softer than Chianti
2004 Edmunds St. John
Gamay Noir: mineral, tin, smoke
2004 Palmina
Dolcetto: rich, plummy fruit
2003 Seghesio Vineyards
Zinfandel: spicy, blackberry fruit
2001 Babcock Vineyards “Moda Toscana”:
Sangiovese/Cab, dried cherry, cedar
2003 Sutton Cellars
Syrah: lavender, huckleberry
2003 Sineann
Merlot Blend: exotic, cherry, cocoa
2003 Elk Cove
Pinot Noir: well balanced, smoky, minimal oak
2003 Ridge Vineyards
Zinfandel: briary, blackberry
2003 Hendry
Pinot Noir: more full bodied than Elk Cove