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Active Directory Migration Tool
This tool is used to move objects from one domain to another.
Delegation of Control Wizard
Use this tool to grant authority to a user or group of users over a portion of the Active Directory tree.
dictionary attack
Hackers will use this attack to identify a user's password by trying numerous words and word combinations until they find a match.
This method of moving objects from one OU to another was introduced in Windows Server 2003.
This command-line tool can be used to move aJ1object from one OU to another.
A dictionary attack is one type of this attack.
personal identification number (PIN)
This can be LLsedfor authentication in lieu of a password when used with an ATM or a smarr card.
This can be llsed to run a single command using administrative privileges while logging onto a workstation or server using a Domain User account.
Secondary Logon
This service is required to use the runas feature.
strong password
When you create this item do not use words from the dictionary.
Which interface allows you to grant limited permissions within Active Directory to individual users or groups to adhereto a principle of least privilege in administering Active Directory?
Delegation of Control Wizard
Which program allows you to use the Secondary Logon service to launch individual programs and utilities using administrative privileges?
Which command-line utility can be used to move an Active Directory object from one container to another?
What is a numeric or alphanumeric character sequence that you enter with a smart card to access a server or other Active Directory resource?
Personal Identification Number (PIN)
What is a password that has sufficient length and complexity to make it difficult for a hacker or other malicious user to hack? a. Long password h. Smart card password c.d. Personal identification password
Strong password
Which service enables you to use the runas command-line utility?
Secondary Logon
What is the recommended method for moving Active Directory objects from one domain to another?
Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT)
Which password-cracking attack functions by attempting every possible combination of alphanumeric characters until it finds a match?
Dictionary attack
What is a new GUI option in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista that allows you to launch a specific application using elevated privileges? a. h. Active Directory Administrative Credentials
c. Run as Administrator d. Delegation of Privilege Wizard
Delegation of Control Wizard
With a username, what is needed to access network resources in a default Active Directory environment?