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Microsoft Excel
is a powerful spreadshit that allows you to organize data.
Work sheet
allows you to enter, calculate, manipulate, and analyze data such as number and text.
Pictorially represent data.
manage data.
web support
allows excel to save workbooks or part of workbooks in HTML.
easy to read work sheet that shows dynamite music fourth quarte sale for each of the product group.
source of data
the data for the work sheet is available at the end of the fourth quarter.
determined nthat the data fallowing calculation must be made for the worksheet.
chart requirement
contruct a 3-d column chart that compare the amount of sle for each product.
task pane
separate window that enable users to carry out some excel task task more efficiently.
column heading
identifies each colum.
row heading
identifies each row.
isn the basic unit of the work sheet into which you enter data.
cell reference
is the coordinate of tehe intersection of a column and a row
active cell
is the one into which you can eneter data.