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generally have been reached when the clincal signs of the treated pathologic condition have been eliminated or reduced
Therapeutic End Points
is made to determine the patient's current oral health status and disease activity after a series of dental hygiene treatment appointments
Response Diagnosis
If a disease does not respond to routine therapy, the disease is considered to be resistant
To the abatement or diminution of the symptoms of a disease
What does SPT stand for ?
Supportive Periodontal Therapy
What does PMT stand for?
Periodontal Mainenance Therapy
A characteristic, habit, or predisposing condition that makes an individual susceptible to, or in danger of acquiring, a certain disease or disability
Oral Health Risk Factor
The joint deliberation, usually for diagnostic purposes, between two or more practitioners or between a patient and a practioner
What are the the 4 types of Periodontal Maintanence Therapy (PMT)
* Preventative PMT
*Trail PMT
*Compromise PMT
*Posttreatment PMT
Identify two administrative methods for implementing the maintanance plan for scheduling patient appointments
*Computer Assisted
action in accordance with request; extent to which a person's health behaviors coincide with dental/medical advice. Also called adherence
ongoing dynamic process that results in loss of clinical attachment and alveolar supporting bone; an area is quiescent when a diseased site becomes inactive or stable without treatment
Disease activity
System of appointments for the long-term maintanence phase of patient care; the system is carried out by computer, telephone, and/or mail
Also called preventative maintainence, supportive periodontal treatment
Periodontal Maintanence Therapy (PMT)
Procedures performed at selected intervals as an extension of periodontal therapy to assist the patient in maintaining oral health
Supportive Periodontal Therapy (SPT)