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What is a mammoth?
A mammoth is an extinct elephant-like animal once widespread in the western hemisphere.
What does extinct mean?
It means no longer living.
What is climate?
Climate is weather over a long period of time.
What are tusks?
Tusks are long, pointed teeth extending outside the mouth.
What are ruins?
Ruins are remains of buildings that have fallen to pieces.
What are enemies?
Enemies are anything or anyone that will harm something.
What is a trunk in this story?
A trunk is the long nose of a mammoth.
What does encouraged mean?
Encouraged means to offer support.
What is a glacier?
A glacier is a thick sheet of ice.
What are mammals?
Mammals are warm-blooded animals that have hair.
What does roamed mean?
Roamed means wandered over an area.
What does fierce mean?
Fierce means to have a violent nature.
What does ancient mean?
Ancient means very old.
Who are archaeologists?
Archaeologists are scientists who study ancient ruins.