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What is the Latin word for "cross"
Who was the Holy Roman Emperor who begged forgiveness for three days in the snow outside the pope's castle?
Henry IV
What were the Arabs from Turkistan called?
Seljuk Turks
What two men do we credit as being the incompetent leaders of the earliest crusades?
Peter the Hermit and
Walter the Penniless
Who embroidered the Bayeux Tapestry? She was the wife of William the Conqueror.
Queen Matilda
What was the name of the Pope that excommunicated Henry IV?
Hildebrand aka Pope Gregory the VII
Why did Pope Gregory VII excommunicate the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV?
This was the Pope's response to being deposed (fired) from his position by Henry IV.
Who conquered England at the Battle of Hastings?
King William the First; aka William the Conqueror
What was the name of the tapestry that was 230 feet long and 20 inches wide embroidered by King William's wife, Queen Matilda?
It was named the Bayeux Tapestry since it was made for the cathedral of the bishop of Bayeux in France. (It hangs there still today.)
What significant battle was in 1066?
The Battle of Hastings.
William, the Duke of Normandy, invaded England and defeated Harold of Wessox to become the King of England. Known as William the First or the Conqueror
Though born in Ireland, he became a missionary to Scotland, pledging to lead at least 3,000 souls to Christ.
Who fought against Islamic forces of Spain in the Battle of Tours?
Charles "Martel"
In what year was "the Hammer" victorious in stopping the spread of Islam in Europe?
The Battle of Tours 732 AD
What is "Charles the Great" in French?
Charlemagne (He was Charles "Martel's" grandson)
What was the gift of land given to the pope by Pepin the Short called?
The gift was called the Donation of Pepin. The land was later called the Papal States.
What was the name of the treaty to divide the kingdom of Charlemagne among his grandsons?
The Treaty of Verdun.
What is Scandinavia?
The countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.
What is the name of a Chinese boy who ends up with a genie-filled lamp?
What is the name of the legendary queen who made up the stories of The Arabian Nights?
Scheherazade (this name has several different spellings, but all are pronounced (shuh HER uh ZAHD) in English)
What was the name of the character who witnessed the Forty Thieves open a secret passageway by saying "Open sesame!"?
Ali Baba
What was the name of the servant girl who saved Ali Baba and his family from the wicked King of Thieves and his band. She also got to marry Ali Baba's son.
793 AD
According to legend, to persuade Brude and the Pics to Christ, Columba drew the symbol of a _________ on the gates of the city and they flew open.
Who, though selected to be a pope, preferred to dress and eat like a monk, in simple clothes and simple meals?
Gregory the Great
After Mohammed died, who oversaw the writing of the Koran?
Abu Bekr, his friend and father-in-law
622 AD
What was the name of the legendary warrior who wrestles the monster Grendel to death by breaking off it's arm?
What was the emperor's name that rebuilt Saint Sophia after the Nika revolt?
What was the name of the person who translated the Vulgate?
What does Vulgate mean?
The word "Vulgate" simply means "common". THE Vulgate was the Latin Bible translated from Hebrew and Greek by Jerome. It took him 23 years.